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So due to the mail going completely fubar on me i've only just got round to reading and finishing Nemesis. So few things.

Kell and the marines he has assassinated before, seemed to leave it massively vague, of course it might have been suring those 2 years of the heresy previous to the time of the book, but a few people i've talked about it with like to think its another nudge about the 2 missing Legions. I'm not so sure, like i said it could easily have taken place after the heresy had begun, did seem a bit deliberatly cryptic though, who knows.
He is likely talking about other Traitor Legions. Remember this is set in the Age of Darkness, so its probable that the Assassins have been fighting the traitor astartes for some time now.

On a similar note did anyone else find Jennikers death a bit too sudden and anti-climactic? Just seemed so random to have her killed by a random peice of bone shot in a hurry from Spear. Tariel died almost exactly as i expected he would, it was literally the precise way i thought it would happen, one moment holed up in his hide, gets spooked and ends up running straight into Spear, although i had wished he would have just run away after the grenade. Kell's apparent death was pretty anti-climactic aswell, just piloting his ship in a rather futile effort straight into the vengeful spirit. Why didn't he just stay on the surface and wait for Horus to come down?
I felt her death was quite good. Just when you think they may make it she dies, and passes her mission onto Kell. Tariel's death was quite fitting. As for Kell his death was a symbol, Horus was never going to land on Dagonet, he sent Sedirae instead and he died for it, so the world would feel the wrath of Horus. Kell knew that Horus would not come down so he went to him, it was futile but a symbol that they will oppose Horus at every step.
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