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Hello Heresy,

I pose a quick question regarding taking Fenrisian (SP?) Wolves as wargear for an IC.

Say my Wolf Lord takes 2 wolves and joins a unit of TWC. In the ensuing combat, when can I allocate wounds to those wolves. As far as I can tell, its one of three scenarios.

1) The Wolf Lord needs to be attacked directly and only then can those wounds be allocated to his 'retinue' (I use that word loosely here).

2) The wolves are part of the unit, therefor if the TWC are attacked I can allocate wounds to the wolves.

3) It doesn't matter who they attack, the wounds can be directed to the wolves.

Personally I hope its 2-3 as it means those pesky PF wounds will be going to the dogs as my lords already have their (3++) but nothing on the TWC.
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