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yep its finally happened, someones been crazy enough to actually make some of John Blanche's concept art straight into models.


Friend of mine in manc (tommy a veritable god when it comes to painting) showed me them. They are really really nice high quality resisns. From what tommy said its all a bit ltd ed, but that may change.

If you liked the stuff he came up with for the Inq Sketch book then you'll love these, they are gorgeous.

Only shame is they are 40mm sculpts and are a bit to tall for 40k (they are taller than marines). So no making them into the worlds most awesome Escher gang or Inquisitor models.

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Anphicar said:
Im not a fan, i must admit.

Of the models, that is.

The art is cool.
Yeah that pretty much sums it up for me as well.
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