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I would have to say that C:CSM has a list/codex advantage over C:SM. Not a significant one but there is one. Now C:SM has its advantages as well but its advantages come in what you can take and not how cheaply it can be done. I would say that if 2 players were equal in skill a C:CSM army would probably win more often than not versus a SM army.

A Black Legion army does have a significant point advantage over any regular vanilla marine army. Your not fearless so you cant be forced to take wounds like a the ATSKNF Space Marines if you fail your leadership. You get to re-roll to pass your leadership if you got your Icon like a good BL troop should. You have higher leadership on average. You have BP/Bolter/CCW/Frag/Krak for the same price as our marines without it (at least 4pt advantage per model). If you are heavy on the rhinos thats another point advantage for a similar SM army. Now with all these "Point" advantages do I think you should let your friend pay Chaos prices for Rhinos?? Heck no!

If your friend thinks Chaos armies are better than SM then have him build his army using C:CSM. Thats what some friends of mine are talking about doing and I myself have thought about it. Never mix and match codexes. One codex may be more powerfull than another but thats no excuse for poor gamemanship. If both people play using the rules of said "power" codex then it comes back to who really is the better gamer (or at least who had the luck of the dice). Besides using that rationalization your Chaos army should be able to buy Assualt Cannons for your Termies or Landspeeders and Attack Bikes. Thats stuff that he gets and you dont. Every Codex will have its strengths and weaknessess.. its all a matter of finding it and outplaying your opponent.

In theory tho if you didnt use any of the special marks, daemons, possessed, defilers, and just stuck with Icons of Chaos Glory; you could make a nice Marine army that looks Imperial but is a Chaos legal list.
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