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Fear not The Psyker

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Hello heretics! My name is Joe and I hail from Arizona. I've been a Warhammer enthusiast for about eight months now. I've yet to paint my own army but I do have figures and plan to get started soon with a Blood Ravens army or an Alpha Legion one.

Otherwise I am obsessed with the lore and books reguarding the W40K universe. I'm still an amateur writer and I plan to drop a few short stories on my DeviantArt page real soon.

So yeah... Thats me.

Peace folks.
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We've got a thriving fanfiction section here at Heresy. People are always looking for something to read, so don't hesitate to share anything you've created. We'd love to see it. Everyone offers polite constructive criticism if you ever find yourself needing help or something, too. Be it with writing, painting or even tactics.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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