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Favourite Weapon

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Okay, so I'm sat there plugging away at my (seemingly) endless line of plague marines for next weekend, and I'm painting my havocs' plasma gun... and all of a sudden I start thinking about how some of the weapons have changed over the ages.. and how the first time I used a plasma gun, they were high strength, with sustained fire but with a very low armour save modifier (going way back :shock: )..........

So whilst taking a 5 minute breather from paining plague, I thought I'd ask you all a question... What is your favorite weapon (from any edition of the game) and why?

Mine has got to be the 2nd ed shock attack gun.. Because the idea of hurling terrified snottlings into a hole in warp space vaguely hoping that they jam up something important is just pure orky brilliance!

Hmmm.. either that or the old Death Spinner - a template weapon which gave your victim an iniitative roll to try and get out he way of it, else it was a simple case of pass your armour save or die!!!

So thats mine (okay I cheated and gave two but....), what are some of your favorites?
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Any sort of Guess Range Ordnance weapon has my vote but i have a soft spot for the guard Basilisk Earthshakers.

Simply because its so satisfying guessing it perfect, landing a huge hit on a unit and decimating them. Artillery Rocks!
the demolisher cannon aka the nuke launcher
Hmm, I remember getting messed up by graviton guns and ... was it vortex grenades? I thought they were called warp grenades but I'm probably wrong. They certainly seemed pretty effective. Don't know if they qualify as 'favourite' or 'most hated', but it's more or less the same thing, innit? (!?)

Shuriken pistols for SM sergeants, I remember appreciating that, and I always wanted to (but never did) use the old whirlwind rules with the multiple-blast templates - a real trail of destruction that could potentially end up all over the place if my memory serves (which as I've already demonstrated, it doesn't)... "OK, roll to scatter... hey, bang on target! Now, roll to scatter... wow, it's going that way... now, roll to scatter, jeez that's a bit random... now (repeat until arms fall off or you accidently wipe out one army or another. Or both.)
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this season, i'm mostly loving powerfists.

can scouts have vet sergeants? and can they take powerfists? if not, the pics i'll post later will make me look like a right plum.
Virus Grenades... :shock:

Just joking. I'm immensely fond of the Shokk Attack Gun and the Lifta Droppa, back from when the Orks were interesting. I also adore the D100 kombi weapons from that era. But I think my favourite of all has to be the Great Unclean One's Stream of Corruption. I just love the idea of all these high tech weapons zinging about, only for some fat blerk to just vomit over the enemy. Class. :wink:
I have recently become extremely fond of psycannons. I don't understand why everyone says they suck, because not only are they the king of anti-infantry, they can even take on light vehicles. Like assault cannons that can fire an extra 12" and ignore invulnerable saves.
Not to mention they have 2 profiles. Assualt and Heavy my favourite part of the gun.
the deatspinner just soooooooooo nucking cool :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
A flamethrower. Not amazingly powerful, but yet still extremely effective. Can wipe out multiple people in one shot yet, is only 5 points. Cheap, effective, and a pyromanics main choice.

-Now if I wanted to go overboard I'd say an Inferno Cannon. That is a pyromanics dream weapon-
Jakaero Digital Weapons, best weapon ever!

Hmmm... great question. I'm relatively divided between a few of them.

I dig wraithcannons. I also like MGs, and MMs a lot. If I think much more the list will expand.

As for the why... they're just reliable and mobile (the MMs on my bikes are anyway). They put wounds on everything, and stand a good chance to hurt vehicles in all shapes and sizes. The wraithcannon is especially awesome fluffwise.

The Eldar in general have always had rad weapons over the course of the editions. They have a broad spectrum of badassery and even guns that shoot shuriken and lightning? Come on, just doesn't get cooler than that.
Stillhave to go the DE Dark Lance - so cheap a weapon and yet so devastating or the other cheap ultra killy weapon the Disintegrator A plasma cannon or switch out to a thousand son's bolter that's heavy 3 Screw these new moving vehicles and shooting rules DE don't believe in them we can shoot when we want! :p
lasguns just for the look on your opponents face when they kill Terminators :)
storm eagle rockets. And (one shot only aside) the deathstrike missile. Reasons?

"The guard needs new tanks, lets give them a multi-large blast S10 weapons for less than a leman russ used to cost. Oh! And lets give them a rail gun with a 5" blast radius!"
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