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Favourite Weapon

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Okay, so I'm sat there plugging away at my (seemingly) endless line of plague marines for next weekend, and I'm painting my havocs' plasma gun... and all of a sudden I start thinking about how some of the weapons have changed over the ages.. and how the first time I used a plasma gun, they were high strength, with sustained fire but with a very low armour save modifier (going way back :shock: )..........

So whilst taking a 5 minute breather from paining plague, I thought I'd ask you all a question... What is your favorite weapon (from any edition of the game) and why?

Mine has got to be the 2nd ed shock attack gun.. Because the idea of hurling terrified snottlings into a hole in warp space vaguely hoping that they jam up something important is just pure orky brilliance!

Hmmm.. either that or the old Death Spinner - a template weapon which gave your victim an iniitative roll to try and get out he way of it, else it was a simple case of pass your armour save or die!!!

So thats mine (okay I cheated and gave two but....), what are some of your favorites?
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The inferno cannon. Whoever said, "The guard needs a new tank. Lets take a giant flamer and mount it on treads." is a genius.
Bah, xenos scum and heretics, all of you! :wink:
Wrath of Khaine said:
OMG the lifta droppa in Epic 40k Final Liberation was the greatest thing. You could send Warlord titans flying through their own lines and smashing them to bits in one shove.

For my own.. I'm going with the Gorechild the chainaxe. When I saw Kharne's model way back in 2nd edition I thought the idea was brutal and obviously awesome. Chainaxes are such a sweet idea. Imagine being in a trench during WW2 and a German with a silver deathshead mask leaping in beside you with something akin to Gorechild. You = pooping.
Do you mean WWI? They didn't use trench warfare in WWII.
I have recently become extremely fond of psycannons. I don't understand why everyone says they suck, because not only are they the king of anti-infantry, they can even take on light vehicles. Like assault cannons that can fire an extra 12" and ignore invulnerable saves.
1 - 4 of 37 Posts
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