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Well I figured this is as good a time as any so here is the makings of the history behind my Space Marine chapter.

I have yet to think of something definite for their name.

Right now it's 'The Wings of Fate' or 'Fate's Wings' to keep with the standard of a two word name like 'Blood Angels' or ‘Iron Fists'.

Their Emblem is a small Green Circle encased in a Purple Diamond like shape, with two wings coming from ether side. The Left wing(Your Right if looking at it.) is White, while the Right Wing is Black.

The Chapter Colors are Black, White, Purple, Green, and Metal.

So far, instead of having the emblem itself on their shoulder pads for their heraldry, they use the Imperial Eagles they don on their Armors and Vehicles by painting the wings Black and White.

The shoulder pads are used to show what Company(s) they are in, and what Squad they are part of.

The Standard Bolter Marines are Painted Black with Purple trim, Dark Metal on some areas and the joints, Green Eyes, and a Light Metal for the details like the Skulls and Such.

(Here is my thread about my painting scheme. http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/showthread.php?p=36843#post36843)

If you want know how the rest of the units do their heraldry, I’ll post it later upon request.

As for their History I'm not quite sure of how it will work out in it’s entirely. I don't know how everything in the 40K world works with Space Marines and I don't know the history of everything to make sure it doesn't conflict.

I have two Friends, one play as IG and Orks, as the other plays as Eldar. I’ll be trying to work these army’s into my history but have no idea how to do the Eldar since I don‘t know how they do things in the 40K world. So for now they will not be inserted into the story and if anyone has suggestions, by all means tell me what you got.

I will be calling the Chapter by simply The Chapter, They, The Space Marines, ect, since I’m not quite sure of their final name yet and don’t think it should be included until that’s settled.

So to start off, the founding. I would suggest that they would have been one of the first ‘New Chapters’ created and not split off from a Legion during the Second Founding. This lets them be a full SM Chapter with no shortages of forces. (Ie. Terminator Armors, Dreadnoughts, Land Raiders. Things that take a Chapter hundreds or thousands of years to gain.)

They are based from a Mobile Star Fortress(es?) and don't have their own Homeworld.

The Star Fortress(es?) of the Chapter is currently are stationed at one of the IG controlled planets used for manufacturing of the Leman Russ tank. They are currently supporting the populace while screening them for recruits as the chapter recently lost a great deal of it's Marine forces. The rest of the fleet is currently screening the nearby Human inhabited Systems for Recruits as well.

Basic rundown of the Event causing the lost of nearly half of the chapter’s Marines.

The Fleet having just recently regrouped* to start heading into a new sector, suddenly receive a message of a not quite near by system is under attack and needs help.

(* The entire company moves into a sector. They spread out their fleet out in a general area. They do this for many reasons. To find new planets to train on, getting new recruits(If needed at the time), quell some Rebel IG uprising, being ever vigilant for the enemies of the Imperium, and other things that Space Marines chapters do. Eventually they regroup back into a single Fleet, and move onto the next sector/area and repeat the process.)

Of course it takes them a long time to get there,(Days? Weeks? Months?) and by the time they do the system is nearly controlled by Orks. Fortunately what remaining Ork vessels in the system after/still clashing with the Local Imperial Navy was no match for the combined Fleet of an entire Space Marine Chapter.

As they spread their fleet out, cleansing the system of the remaining Ork fleets, they made their way into the system. (I think I’ve seen somewhere that ships that use the warp can only drop into/out of the warp Outside the system‘s gravity influence. Making them take the long way in.)

The problem was by the time they made it into the center of the system, nearly the entire IG planet was overrun by the green skins as quite a few Ork Roks made planet fall. (Seriously overrun, as in so many Orks that an Entire SM Chapter would not be able to recapture it easily.)

Now this is the tricky part that I can‘t quite figure out how to say in fine detail.

I wanted the chapter to somehow lose the majority of the Battle and Reserve Companies by the Orks somehow. Leaving about 2 Battle Companies and barely any of the Reserve Companies. Meaning most of their Veterans, Experienced Marines, Scouts, and Important Chapter Vehicles like Dreadnoughts and Land Raiders survived the recapture of the Planet.

I wanted to chalk this up to actual tactical planning by the Orks and not just luck. As the for all the Orks are, they are not as ‘dumb’ as people think. Seriously, they are smart enough to figure out how to utilize Warp Travel, Build Giant Stompas that can rival Imperial Titans, and I believe in one of the Books, a group of Ork Kommandos managed to take out an entire IG base or something all on their own. This lead to a execution of an Imperial Guardsmen who survived because he tried telling how the Orks managed to accomplish such a feat and the Imperial Officers refused to believe the Orks could actually be That Smart.

This leads them into splitting and rejoining the remaining Companies together into about 5 Companies worth of Marines. The Scouts are still technically in their own ’Company’ but with the shortage of marines they where split into 5 groups and following a company each.

The reason for this is how I play them. I usually have all of my units in small squads(like 6 or 8) with skills like Tank Hunters, Infiltrate, Furious Charge, ect, and I always use scouts in my forces if I can.

So now with the lost of nearly half their chapter, they split into five fleets, each taking one of the New Battle Companies with them. And every Battle Company is even in the amount of forces and in skill.

One fleet has their Star Fortress(es?). This fleet is currently staying in position in the System. Watching over the planet it helped recover. Often lending it’s strength to the forces below as new Ork Clans appear randomly, due to the nature of the Ork growing process.

The other fleets being split up evenly in might, are currently scouting the nearby human populated planets for new recruits to become new Neophytes.

So this is my Chapter’s History in a not so small nut shell.

The only thing left to do now is figure out how the Eldar play into this.

I also at one point I wanted to include the forces of the Ordo Hereticus(With Hunters) and the Ordo Malleus(Daemon Hunters) on the planet. And are in debt to the Chapter for their Sacrifice in saving them as there is a high chance that my friend(The IG and Ork player) and I will use them as Allies in the game one day.

Though the Witch Hunter’s presence could be explained because of the Eldar which I yet to figure out, I don’t know how to explain the Daemon Hunters.

But I think adding all of this would be way too much as I know I put too much thought into this already.

I look forward to seeing what anyone thinks about this or what any of their Ideas for the story are.

And I thank you if you managed to read this far lol.

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One thing, the codex says Space Marines rarely, if ever, fight as an entire chapter due to the posibility of huge losses, and for DH and WH presence how about use a story like the game W40K Dawn of War, where Chaos forces get Orks to invade to get something, like a cursed item, titan, or trapped demon?

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For your first point about whole chapters rarely being together is exactly that. It rarely happens.

This Chapter usually is split up into smaller fleets, spread out among an area. They only join back together to travel into a new area in tradition. Using the time for Chapter Rituals, the trade of newly gained training regimens and knowledge between the Librarians, ect.

It was just a twist of Fate, that they get the message at that time and proved the point of why chapters don't usually fight all together.

For your second idea. I'm not that great with creating the fluff.

I have a chaos army(World Eaters) that is mostly unbuilt and will be unpainted for a long time, but I guess I can use them as for why the DH and WH are there.

But I really got to figure out why the Eldar are there right now.

I can always say the Chaos forces came later and the DH and WH chased them there.

Thank you for posting so far and I appreciate your ideas as they did get me thinking on some things.

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Ok, I figured out some stuff.

First of all, I really Don't want to use DoW's Story line if I can help it(Which it is really starting to look like.). Everyone at my Hobby shop plays it or had played it at one point. I don't want to look like I'm stealing it's story. Hence is why I'm just trying to do this part of the Story with IG, SM, Orks, and Eldar. The Chaos and Inquisition Forces will come later as you'll see in a moment.

I will eventually be starting a Necron army before finishing my Chaos(Or will do both around the same time.) after my Space Marine are done.

I can say that the Eldar are present now to find, guard, and destroy something that will be drawing the attention of the Necrons. Do to the nature of this Item, the Chaos forces will try to get it for them selves.

The Chaos will arrive well before the Necrons(Story wise). After they do my Chapter will call for the Forces of the Inquisition. Who will arrive right before the Necrons.

At this point will be the end of my story as to say the forces are still fighting each other.

The part I REALLY need to finish right now is the overview of the battle between the Orks and my Chapter. I can fine tune the story after I get this part down.
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