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does anyone actually run a fatefiend list?
i mean from experience they are a ton better than bloodcrushers but crushers are entirely more resilient, yet less mobile.
i was looking in the 1750pt bracket(still refining my list)

i was thinking

blood thrister w/ might and blessing
3x6 fiends w/ unholy might
3x5 plaguebearers (1 with icon)
and 2 soulgrinders or tzeentch princes

anyone have any real strategies for this by chance if they do have experience with the use of a list like this?

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Fiends definately work better than bloodcrushers.

The issue still stands that you aren't shooting as much as you should. You don't really want to open vehicles in the assault phase. You want to take what's inside in the assault phase. That being said, I would switch the bloodthirster for two tzeentch heralds with legion, sorcery, bolt. More shooting, plenty resilient with 5 wounds, T4 and 4++ rerollable.

Use tzeentch princes with Bolt over soul grinders, IMO.
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