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with the new change in FAQ regarding farseer psychic powers and not being able to cast a power on something outside a transport when the seer is within a trasport how are people going to play Eldrad now and other seers?

Does it not seem strange that a farseer can use his power on something behind a hill that he cant see but can't use his power through a tank.

Eldrad flying about dooming stuff from the safty of a serpent seems to have come to an end.
so will wraith guard be his new bodyguard if hes on foot or put him in the center of 20 guardians. perhaps i will have to look at removing him from my list and go for two standard seers. one on bike and one on foot or to ride with my dragons. so i can get that doom fortune and guide where i need them all.

Is it that now your Eldar list is going on foot or going on jetbikes?

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