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Aside from the regular rules that apply to Heresy, there are several other rules when it comes to Tactica Wars (most of them are specifically to do with the actual battles though). They are the following:

General Tactica War Rules

A) Anybody, except the players in the match, can vote on who would win during a match. But in order for your vote to count, it must meet two(2) expectations: 1) The choice of person and/or army must be in bold or colour, and; 2) you must have two(2) reasons why you chose that person (it can be negative about the one list, or positive about the other, or both).

B) Players may only send in one list. All lists must be legal, use legal armies, and may not exceed the points limit.

C) When voting, I want to see no over-criticising of someone's list. Of course constructive criticism is allowed, but no seriously offensive stuff. Also, there will be no advice given on the competing lists/tactics. It would be considering cheating and just plain annoying if the conversation goes through the forums. The same goes with rules clarifications. Take it to the rules section please.

D) There will be zero tolerance when it comes to whining about losing or getting voted off. Nobody likes a whiner, and we don't like it when someone is spamming the forums saying "why did I lose? I demand an explanation", or such. If you want to know why you lost, please post it in the sub-forum with a calm and easy-to-read post. I'm sure there will be someone who would be willing to explain to you why you lost, and what you can do to get better.

E) Since the whole point of Tactica Wars is to make tactics for the army, it is a mandatory requirement to create tactics for you're army. If you do not create any tactics without notifying the host, you will receive a warning to create one. If you don't create anything within 7 days of the match being posted, it counts as a forfeit.

F) Most important rule: Have fun! Enjoy, learn new tricks and strategies, have a good time.

Sample Match (Please do not vote, it is only an example of a battle in the Tactica Wars :p)

Sample Map:

Army Name: Hot damn, that's a lot of fire!

Special Notes
- No hidden units.


Hero 1: Herald of Khorne: 125
- Firestorm Blade

Hero 2: Herald of Tzeentch: 165
- Level 2
- Master of Sorcery
- Flames of Tzeentch


Core 1: 12x Bloodletters: 187
- Musician
- Standard
- Skull Totem

Core 2: 12x Daemonettes: 187
- Musician
- Standard
- Siren Standard

Core 3: 10x Pink Horrors: 120
- Level 1


Special 1: Special 1: 6x Flesh Hounds: 210

Army Total: 994

Dice Table
Power Dice (+ Power Stones): 5 (0)
Incantation Dice (if a Tomb Kings player): 0
Dispel Dice (+ Dispel Scrolls) : 4 (0)

Basic tactics for the list:

Herald of Khorne goes with the big block of bloodletters and the Herald of Tzeentch holds hands with the unit of horrors. The Bloodletters and Daemonettes are my main combat blocks, they hot foot it towards my opponents battleline and get in to combat as fast as possible. I will aim to have the Bloodletters going after armoured elite units and the Daemonettes the larger, weaker armour blocks.

The unit of Horrors will stay out of charge range and shoot anything that moves, supported by the HoT. The Flesh Hounds are my all singing, all dancing troublemaking unit. They will initially support the main line taking on any skirmishers or other troublesome units, then once the battle is going they will outflank my opponent and destroy war machines/lone characters/weak units and work with the two big blocks to kill tough units.

My two heralds are simple really, the HoK has the firestorm blade to deal with characters and anything flammable. The HoT has Flames of Tzeentch to add to the massed shooting of the Horrors, along with Master of Sorcery to allow me to choose my lore dependant on my opponent. I don't expect to see many magic heavy armies at this level, so the ability to tailor my army magically to my opponent and know the whole lore I pick is fantastic.


Army Name: Steel's Ultra Noob list

Special Notes
- No hidden units.


Hero 1: Tomb Prince: 154 pts
- Great Weapon
- Armour of the Ages
- Vambraces of the Sun

Hero 2: Liche Priest: 173 pts
- Brooch of the Great Desert
- Hieretic Jar
- Skeletal Steed


Core 1: 19 Skeleton Warriors: 196 pts
- Hand Weapons
- Shields
- Light Armour
- Full Command

Core 2: 20 Skeleton Warriors: 185 pts
- Bows
- Light Armour
- Musician

Core 3: 9 Skeleton Heavy Horseman: 169 pts
- Spears
- Shields
- Full Command


Rare 1: Screaming Skull Catapult: 110 pts
- Skulls of the Foe

Army Total: 997 pts

Dice Table
Power Dice (+ Power Stones): 0
Incantation Dice (if a Tomb Kings player) - 1(0)
Dispel Dice (+ Dispel Scrolls) : 0

Tactics: The Tomb Prince will join up with the 19 Skeleton Warrior Regiment, while the Liche Priest will join up with the Heavy Horseman Regiment. The Prince's Regiment will be moving up, attacking a good sized squad, while using "My Will be Done". The Liche Priest will be charging up with the Horseman, picking at units to take down. If the Liche Priest is forced to leave from serious danger, he will leave for the sake of his safety (and my armies asses as well :wink:). The catapult will attack and weaken down a strong unit, so the advancing units can take it down with ease. The bows will be picking off smaller units that can pose a problem in later turns.

Additional Fantasy Rules

These rules are in addition to the standard Tactica Wars rules to account for Warhammer Fantasy rules and game mechanics not used in Warhammer 40k.

A) Armylist Format: Players are required to use the Fantasy Army Posting Frame to create their lists. It has been used to produce the example lists in this post, as it is easily readable and simplifies list writing. It is a requirement for Fantasy Tactica Wars to ensure uniformity for list checkers, players and voters.

B) Power Dice/Dispel Dice: We request that the player puts a chart for their power/dispel dice at the end of their armylist. This is to ensure voters are aware how many magic dice each army has, to aid with their consideration on who should win that particular match. The following format should be used:

Power Dice (+ Power Stones): 4 (0)
Incantation Dice (if a Tomb Kings player): 0
Dispel Dice (+ Dispel Scrolls) : 4 (0)
Also, if you have an item or special rule that allows you to steal dice or gain extra dice (such as the Rune of Balance from a Dwarf Army), it should be detailed here in the following format:

Dispel Dice(+ Dispel Scrolls): 4/0/-1
Where the last two columns represents the effect on opponents pd, and the extra Dispel Dice is added into the first column.

C) Hidden Units:
Assassins, Fanatics, etc should be included in the Special Notes section of the armylist, so that your opponent does not see which unit they are placed in before the match begins. Normal rules apply, so there must be a unit that a Fanatic can enter for example, but you do not need to declare which one on your armylist.

D) Magic Levels: The level of all casters should be clearly displayed, even if they are always a particular level (for example a Herald of Tzeentch should be showed as level 2). This is to allow people who are unfamiliar with a particular armybook to have a better idea of what your list does.

E) Spells: Spells will be rolled on behalf of the players before each match. We will roll for each of your casters to see which number spells they have in your respective magic lore. The results will be posted in the respective match thread. Each Lord and Hero choice should be numbered for clarity, any casters that know all of the spells from a specific lore, or may choose between lores should be indicated within tactics posts. For example:

Lord 1: Lord of Change: Level 4 - Knows all spells in the Lore of Tzeentch
Hero 2: Herald of Tzeentch: Level 2
Hero 3 Herald of Tzeentch - Master of Sorcery: Level 2 - May choose one of the Eight Lores, knows all spells from that lore.
In this example the Lord of Change knows all of the spells from the Lore of Tzeentch so no rolls are needed. Hero 2 needs two rolls made for the Lore of Tzeentch. Hero 3 is an exception again they have Master of Sorcery which means they need to choose 1 of the 8 lores in the rulebook, they know all the spells in it.

For any character that needs dice to be rolled we will roll 1 per wizard level, as per normal. You will need to provide a preferences list for each Lore rolled on your behalf. For example (this example is made up, not based on the actual Lore):

Hero 2: Herald of Tzeentch: Level 2 - Preference list = 4, 5, 1, 3, 2, 6.
This example shows that for Hero 2 the player ranks only spells 4 and 5 as more important than 1, so if the dice rolled for the caster are a 4 and a 2, the 2 would be swapped for a 1 as it is lower in the player's preference list than spell number 1. If you are unsure about how spell rolling works read page 111 of the rulebook thoroughly then PM squeek. Please remember the only spell that can be substituted for is number 1, just as in standard games of Warhammer Fantasy.

So for each caster in your army, you must declare in your tactics what level they are and if a caster may pick a lore. You must also provide a preferences list of spell numbers for each Lore that is rolled on your behalf, if preferences are not shown you will be given the first result rolled. Once the spells are rolled they will be posted in the match thread when the bout begins.

F) Bretonnian Prayers: Bretonnian players must say if they DO NOT want to pray before the match, if they do not specify their intentions they will be assumed to be praying and therefore starting second.

G) Wood Elves:
Wood Elf players should be clear about what they plan to do with their forest singing each turn.

If anyone else has a suggestion (or question regarding the rules) that could make this event run smoother, then go ahead and post it in the Rules Discussion thread.
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