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Fantasy Tactica Wars League Table

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Alright, this is where I am going to keep all the results of all the matches in every Fantasy Tactica Wars. This thread will help me organize the match results, and gives any curious newcomers the quick results for each match (as well as the links to the matches).

here's how it goes:

Key -

Season; Each Season is the length of the Tournament.
Round; Each round is the stage at which the competition is at currently.
Match; a link to the current War between two people.
[Insert Name]; The person who is fighting.
(#); the number of votes that person has currently received in that particular match.
[Name In Yellow]; the winner of that particular match
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Season 1

Round 1

Match 1: Dafistofmork (1) vs Wolf Lord Skoll (7)
Match 2: Vaz (4) vs cco12 (0)
Match 3: Steel Nathan (2) vs Gharof von Carstein (2)
Match 4: squeek (4) vs Critta (1)

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