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Fantasy Tactica Wars-Final Round! Vaz vs squeek

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Heyo everyone! Welcome to the final round of Heresy's first ever Fantasy Tactica Wars! 8 players have dared to start up 1500 pt armies and enter them into this slugfest, 6 have fallen to the dirt like dogs. 2 however, are still alive. But at the end of this match, only one army will be left standing. Will it be Vaz and his , or will it be squeek and his deamons of doom? Well help us decide a winner by voting in this match to see who will win!

(Players must submit their tactics though. :p)

Round 3, Match 1: Vaz vs squeek

Here be Heresy's witty and pure awesome Vaz! (Feb. MotM mind you :wink:)


Army Name: Spawn of Kholek

Special Notes
- Karnaks Spell Preference - (Lore of Nurgle) - 2, 6, 1, 5, 4, 3. (Against Dwarves Bretonnia, and Lizardmen, change the order of 1 and 4 around).
- Power Dice - 4 (2 Basic, 1xL2 Sorceror)
- Power Stones - 0
- Dispel Dice - 3 (2 Basic, 1xL2 Sorceror)
- Dispel Scrolls - 0
- Notes - Will of Chaos


Hero 1: (Karnak Headsplitter): (225pts)
- (Sorceror Level 2, Mark of Nurgle, Infernal Puppet, Palanquin)


Core 1: (Suneater Tribesmen): (157pts)
- (23 Marauders, Mark of Khorne, Great Weapons, Standard Bearer, Musician)

Core 2: (Stormbather Tribesmen): (182pts)
- (28 Marauders, Mark of Khorne, Great Weapons, Standard Bearer, Musician)

Core 3: (Chieftains of the Suneaters): (116pts)
- (5 Marauder Horsemen, Flails, Mark of Nurgle, Light Armour, Musician)

Core 4: (Chieftains of the Stormbathers): (116pts)
- (5 Marauder Horsemen, Flails, Mark of Nurgle, Light Armour, Musician)


Special 1: Spawn of Kholek: (231pts)
- (3 Dragon Ogres, Great Weapons)

Special 2: (Warp Drakes): (231pts)
- (3 Dragon Ogres, Great Weapons)

Special 3: (Avatars of the Suneater): (239pts)
- (3 Dragon Ogres, Additional Hand Weapons, Champion)

Army Total: (1497pts)


And here is Herey's new Senior mod, and a Fantasy guru, squeek!


Army Name: Papa Gribbly's HoT and spicy special brew

Special Notes
- No hidden units.


Hero 1: Herald of Nurgle - Papa Gribbly - GENERAL: 165
- Staff of Nurgle

Hero 2: Herald of Tzeentch - Bodg'it: 165
- Level 2
- Master of Sorcery
- Flames of Tzeentch

Hero 3: Herald of Tzeentch - Scarp'a: 160
- Level 2
- Master of Sorcery
- Winged Horror


Core 1: 16x Plaguebearers: 210
- Musician
- Standard

Core 2: 10x Pink Horrors: 120
- Level 1

Core 3: 10x Pink Horrors: 120
- Level 1


Special 1: 5x Flesh Hounds: 175

Special 2: 5x Flesh Hounds: 175


Rare 1: 6x Flamers of Tzeentch: 210

Army Total: 1500

Dice Table
Power Dice (+ Power Stones): 8 (0)
Dispel Dice (+ Dispel Scrolls) : 6 (00)

Good luck to both players! Once I receive the tactics from both players, I will officially open up this match for the public. That is all!

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I know that I've been delaying things guys, and I'm truely sorry for those who wanted to see an ass kicking of a lifetime. In my defense though, I've only gotten Vaz's tactics today (think he sent them yesterday though..)

Anyhow, here are the tactics for this match.

First impressions - Too much magic. No. Seriously. Too much magic. I doubt that I'll be able to get my units across the board in any real shape or form, but once I get them in (with enough Dragon Ogres to counter the Flesh Hounds), I can hope for some more damage to be done. The Ward Saves a bugger, but fingers crossed, they can do the dirty.

Deployment - As far forwards as possible. Dragon Ogres with Hand Weapons and another with Great Weapons will counter the Flesh Hounds, hoping to break through their attacks. The flamers will have to be ignored. They'll rip through Marauders, Horsemen and Dragon Ogres, but if I'm in combat the can't get me. 6D6 Flaming Strength 4 attacks? No thanks. Can't they be lightning attacks instead?

The Walking Heralds will be in each of their units respectively, while the free one will be running about, probably supporting either the Hounds, or the Flamers. This means that my Marauder Horsemen will be countering the Horrors.

The Marauders with the Sorceror will be opposite the Flamers, while fingers crossed being close enough to hopefully Irressitable Force a Regen spell on those going against the Plaguebearers.

Movement - Move as fast as possible towards the designated targets. Hopefully, I'll get a charge against both Flesh Hounds with the Dragon Ogres if I get second turn, and hope squeek trusts to his Ward Save and returning Frenzy from the Flesh Hounds. Marauders advance steadily towards Plaguebearers, casting a few Buboes as I go, trying to catch the Heralds off their guard.

The Marauder Horsemen make a beeline for the Horrors.

Once the Flesh Hounds are dead, then the Dragon Ogres will support each other, against the Flamers for the AHW DO's and the GW DO's will head for Read/Flank charging the Plaguebearers. Keep the Champions away from the Herald.

The Marauders will get the charge against the Plaguebearers, hopefully with No. 2 Spell getting through and stopping anything too 'un-toward' coming from the big daemon block, the Regenerating being a real blessing against their large number of wounding attacks.

The Marauder Horse aren't there to do too much damage, just to reduce the amount of spells that can be cast, and to hold up the Horrors - particularly that Horror unit containing the Herald. If anything comes from that, they'll target the Flying HoT.

Magic - Not much I can do. As I said, attempt to cast Buboes every so often, and get through by being a cheap spell, or that I can IF. Also, try and get Regeneration on the Marauders hitting the Plaguebearers. Dispel Wise, those Magic Missiles will be a pain. With 3 DD, I'll be struggling to block them all, so only the Magic Missiles or really tricky spells.

Shooting- Er... Duck and Cover? There's no protection from Shooting, little as it is, but it's going to be nasty. I have to just get rid of those Flamers ASAP.

Combat - It's what I do best. Only the Heralds and the Flesh Hounds hold any real issues for me, while the Flamers will be a bitch to get into combat with (S+S mainly), all I need is to get my Sorceror in there, where he can hopefully put his 8 attacks to good use. Mainly, he's there to stop shooting, though, and only to hold up the Flamers until the Dragon Ogres can arrive. Which will mess them around. A lot.

Good luck squeek. If they vote for you, they're just brown-nosing, and I'll know that it was all a lie =( Haha, good on you if you win though ;) Doubt it, though =D
That's it, cheers for running it once again Nath![/QUOTE]


None of my casters require dice rolls as they are both Masters of Sorcery. The HoTs know all spells in the Lore; Both will take Lore of Light.

My target list will be the Dragon Ogres, Marauder Horsemen, Marauders then the general. I want rid of the Dragon Ogres as they are potentially the most dangerous and could cause a fair amount of damage if they get at the Horrors.

I plan to mostly ignore the general as I would imagine he will be with the Suneater marauders on foot and isn’t really much bother to me. I expect both blocks of marauders to be deployed behind the Dragon Ogres so their low movement will leave them late on my priority list.

The Marauder Horsemen are about to meet their match on whichever flank they take. I plan to set up my Flesh Hounds on one flank and Flamers on the other. I imagine he will keep the horsemen together, but whichever flank they take they don’t stand the slightest chance against Flesh Hounds or Flamers. Once they are out of the way the Flamers will run interference with the marauder blocks and the Flesh Hounds will tag team a unit of Dragon Ogres at a time.

The Dragon Ogres are going to be the focus of everything I can throw at them early on pretty much. I plan to set the Plaguebearers in the centre flanked by the Horrors on either side. The HoTs and HoN will hang with their units for the respective buffs they deal out. With the Plaguebearers in the centre he can’t really avoid at least one unit of Dragon Ogres meeting them. I imagine Vaz will be keen to get in to combat ASAP with the Dragon Ogres so I will sit back at the back of the DZ lobbing fire in their direction and let them slog it over to me.

At T4 and 4 wounds with the HoTs, Horrors, Flesh Hounds and Plaguebearers on the case it should not be long before they drop. I need to do 12 wounds per unit and try to avoid the charge; I will have a potential total of 2 lots of D6+1 Str D6+1 from the Horrors and 2 lots of D6 S4 from the HoTs and D6 S5 from the HoNs bound item per magic phase. The Flesh Hounds will double up to finish off a unit at a time, with the HoTs casting Dazzling Brightness as needed to reduce their effectiveness in combat and of course the much feared cleansing flare. If they get charges in they will do damage, but my units Daemonic Saves, the PBs regen and the Horrors save buff from the HoTs will help reduce their impact. Then all that is left are T3 marauders…

Magic-wise, Buboes isn’t as scary as it might be with all my models getting their Daemonic Save, nor is Fleshy Abundance since the majority of my army has flaming attacks so the Regeneration is not likely to be that useful and finally there isn’t much chance of Rot being successfully cast anyway, but with the DD I have I can focus on dispelling Rot and Buboes and will have an extra dice per spell that Vaz casts anyway.

My HoTs will stay with their Horrors for the buff they give to the unit and to avoid them being picked on. If needs be the HoT with Winged Horror can fly out to make the most of opportunities as they present themselves. The HoT will use Lore of Light to give themselves Pha’s Illumination to up their combat potential.

The HoTs will use Burning Gaze to target the Dragon Ogres initially, this spell is particularly good as it is flaming so ignores Regen if he gets his spell off and will do D6 S4 hits and can target them from virtually the word go due to the range. The HoTs will be looking to cast Cleansing Flare when combat is joined as it has the potential with D6 S5 hits all round (inside a fairly large range) to really hurt any Dragon Ogres that are left alive and is a very nasty prospect for marauders. I will also look to cast Dazzling Brightness on the Dragon Ogres and any other unit that looks to be dangerous in combat.

My HoN will use his bound item on the Dragon Ogres initially as the D6 S5 initial hit is not to be sniffed, then on the T3 marauders; the D6 S5 over and over until a T test is passed is enough to cripple the infantry blocks quickly. I intend to save this as it is more powerful than the HoTs spells, but if he saves DD for it then he is allowing one of the other magic missiles through in its place, so either way I hurt him in my magic phase.

In summary, I will focus fire on the Dragon Ogres and deal with them first, the horsemen won’t last against my Flesh Hounds/Flamers and the other marauders can be mopped up when they finally trudge in to range. I can control the magic phase easily enough and should get enough of my spells off to cause serious hurt to the Dragon Ogres. Good luck Vaz.
Good luck to both players. I want to see a clean fight! Ok you two, don't give me those looks... *stares*
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After some consideration of the odds and approach, im going to vote for Squeek winning by anything from minor to massacre. Essentially the only way i can see the Dragon ogres making the impact they need is if Sqeek miscasts and ends his early phases. Some dragon ogres will make it but i cant see it been more than one unit at 2 and another at 1, which will not be enough against the resilient daemons before them. Flamers will likely maim the marauders.

Coclusion: Cleansing flare is very cruel use it well.
Any chance we can get a few more votes here please guys? I know more than 1 person has looked at this thread! :p Feel free to ask questions if you are unfamiliar with any models or rules, etc. It is best if we can get lots of votes, rather than win or lose by 1 vote, as it is a much more rewarding experience for the contestants if plenty of people join in.
i think squeek has the magical superioty here, and unless serriously bad luck were to befall him those dragon ogers are going to fall down fast. the 4+ward on the horrors and the regen on the plagebearers is going to be hard to shift, and with squeek dominating the early turns with magic and (a small amount of) shooting capability, i think Squeek will win.
I vote for squeek. He seems to have more magic and more firepower to destroy the nasty parts of Vaz's army before they can get in to CC. I think squeek's army is a good counter to an army that relies heavily on the hitting power of dragon ogres.
I vote for Vaz. :shok: I think the game will be close but Vaz's melee units will be a problem for squeek in combat and I think enough of them will get there to cause issues. Squeek has lots of magic but the dragon ogres move fast enough to limit the usefulness of a magic gunline imo. With a little luck Vaz will weather the storm and it will be a slugfest in CC.
Squeek's Flamers should have the horsemen mopped up in the first turn or two of shooting, sending any survivors running for cover. This frees up the hounds to take down the dragon ogres that survived the initial volleys of magic. Dragon Ogres are dirty to be sure but they need a good charge.

Conversely, if Vaz does get the charge and the die go against Squeek then the dragon ogres could easily destroy a unit of horrors in one turn (counting the instability)

I just want to see it played out. The game would be awesome!

For my vote I belive that the first two turn would be key, but Squeek would, well, squeek (please colour or bold your vote karl -Steel) by with a win. Probably in the draw category. I will go ahead and call it Squeek by 200 or less.
-please colour or bold your vote karl
Alas, I guess Squeek will win this one. Though I don't like his tactics, they'll certainly bring him the victory.
I think it's time to call this an official close. Thanks to all who voted in this match, as we'll see Season Two kick off (hopefully) very shortly.

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