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Fantasy Tactica Wars- 1500 pt knockout tournament sign ups!

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Welcome to the grand opening of the Fantasy section of the Tactica Wars! As some of you know, a 40k one has passed on it's first tournament not too long ago, and now it's time to shift roads and start a Fantasy one. Because, of course, Fantasy is just as important as 40k :wink:


Before you read on any further, please look at the following links to get a clear understanding of what a Tactica War is, and how it is played.

Tactica Wars Rules

What is a Tactica War?

Heresy is trying to expand the Fantasy part of the forums, so many things has been developed in the Fantasy forums over the last few months. The Tactica Wars will be one of the competitions that will be run pretty much all the time, so we can spark up the tactics side of the game (much like the 40k one). The purpose of the Tactica Wars is to get your ideas into a list, and see if your thinking skills can match against others. Having a nicely painted army is a good way to get a psychological advantage over the opponent, but can you actually think of a way to defeat the opponent? Well why not challange yourself for your tactics skills and join the Heresy Fantasy Tactica Wars?

I am fully aware that the Fantasy section of Heresy-Online is not as great as the 40k one, so I will not have high standered for the sign up sheet. If I can get a total of 16 participants to sign up and compete in this, I'll be happy. :)

Anyways, onto the meat of this thread, the rules!


As mentioned above, only the first 16 people who sign up for this Tactica Wars will be eligible to create and submit a list for this event. When you post on this forums showing your interest, you be in the list at the bottom with a '(pending)' beside it. If I do not see a list from you (or basically the judges) in a week, then I will be sending out PMs to you. If you do not reply in a couple of days, then I will assume that you have no interest in this what so ever. You can PM me if you like saying that you were on vacation or whatever, I'll put you back on the list... if there's room anyways :)

This Tactica War specifically will have a 1500 point limit, not one point over (period!). The armies that are legal are from the following army books:

Beasts of Chaos
Dark Elves
Deamons of Chaos
High Elves
Ogre Kingdoms
Orcs and Goblins
Tomb Kings
Vampire Counts
Warriors of Chaos
Wood Elves

If the list that you submit is not in this list, then we will ask you to create a list using one of the above army books. If you refuse to create a list using one of the following army books, then I guess we can not let you in until you agree to play with our rules. :grin:

Edit: Sorry for being late for posting this, but Special Characters will NOT be allowed in this Tactica War. Again, I truely apoligize for that. It slipped my mind until the little green Gobbo dude *coughsqueekcough* :)wink:) reminded me of this.

While creating your list, there are a couple of points/reminders that we would like to remind you all of:

* The following chart should be placed in your tactics someplace
Power Dice (+ Power Stones): 4 (0)
Incantation Dice (if a Tomb Kings player): 0
Dispel Dice (+ Dispel Scrolls) : 4 (0)
* We ask that the participants use the Army Posting Frame so the judges will have an easier time to check over the lists and easily identify any mistakes that you could possibly make. It's also a great way to organize your special notes about the army (assassins are a great example). I know that it may prevent some creativity in list making, but it just makes things easier for the judges to judge, myself to understand (noob here, mind you) and the voters to consider easier.

* To check the rules thread again if you are not sure about anything else when making your army list.

A final point that I want to distress here is that I want your main general to be named. Yeah I know, "Why?", well it just makes things seem more interesting when it comes to voting. Rather then saying "My Elf Lord will try and kick your Necromancer's ass", it would be "Ranies (random name) will try and kick Shavisa's (random name) ass". It just makes things more interesting when it comes for the voters to read the lists and tactics. You are more then welcome to name all of your characters and other units if you wish, but the main general name is a must!

(For us Tomb King players, it's just the General that I request of, I don't care if you name your Heriophant or not, and any other army that must have more then one character in their army)


Of course, what's a Tactica War with voters right? We need you voters to exist! But.. I have a couple of requirements from the Fantasy Heretics out there as well.

1) When you vote, please bold or colour your vote. This is to make sure that you officially want this person to win, and it'll make it easier to find your vote in the first place.

2) You can not vote in your own match! This may seem a bit obvious, but I just want to make sure that I get that cleared and sorted out. Everyone else is able to vote in your match (and obviously, you can vote in other's matches as well :wink:)

3) Please give at least 2 reasons why that person should win. I do not want to see just a name sitting in one's post, or "What he said". 2 points of explanation in your own words please.

That pretty much covers the rules about the 3rd party voters :)

Additional Information:

The main thing that I want to point out is that you PM your list to one of the judges listed below this. Please PM your list to the correct name that will be attending your specific army book. And no, I won't be doing any of them... yes I suck :grin:

Othiem: Empire, Dark Elves, Dwarfs

Critta: Lizardmen, Orcs and Goblins, Vampire Counts

Inquisitor Aurelius: Tomb Kings, Warriors of Chaos, Skaven

Vaz: High Elves, Beasts of Chaos, Brettonians

Squeek: Daemons of Chaos, Wood Elves, Ogre Kingdoms

Edit: Judges, you are allowed to enter this competition if you wish. Just send your list to someone else please :)

2nd edit: If you could forward everyone's lists to me, that would be great :)

So post here, or PM me, if you want to join up and reserve a spot!

Table of Participants

1) Dafistofmork
2) Vaz
3) Steel Nathan
4) squeek
5) Critta
6) Gharof von Carstein
7) cco12
8) Wolf Lord Skoll (pending)

Wating list: Girk
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Hi Nath, cheers for the roll ;). Is it okay if I drop 4 down to 1? Ta matey ;)

Is one downgraded or did "I" actually roll it? :p
Nah, you actually rolled it Skoll. :p
im pretty sure of my tactics that i sent to nath so i wish squeek good luck, you might actually need it :mrgreen: :p
Nah, you actually rolled it Skoll. :p
Thought so, but I might as well check, as that doesnt really help me for choice in the magic phase :p
Hey Steel, I just realised I'm missing a spell, my mage has the silver wand which gives him an extra spell. Can't believe it took me this long to realise.
Bugger - I've had my tactics all sent off and everything =( I hope this doesn't change them any. =[

Hey Steel, I just realised I'm missing a spell, my mage has the silver wand which gives him an extra spell. Can't believe it took me this long to realise.

Don't worry about it. I'll just add it in the chart from the last page.

Vaz: If you really want to, you can re-edit your tactics if you want. :p
Though I'm still kind of noobish, I would like it very much to participate next time too. It would be a great opportunity for me to learn and hey, every winner needs a loser!
I am going to say that the matches will be closed sometime tomorrow or Tuesday. I think this round is pretty much voted off of, and it may be best just to move on to the finals! :)

It's been more than a week anyways I believe...
Alright guys, the final match is officially up for the public to view. Now before I get this match up and voteable, I do have a few aknowledgments that I do want to say right here.

Firstly, a big thank you goes to Jezlad, for letting me run the Fantasy Tactica Wars here, and to create this subforum. Heresy FTW!!

A big thank you goes out to squeek, for assisting me throughout the entire Tactica Wars. Helping me with the changes from 40k to Fantasy (as it was originally just intended for 40k...), clarifying a few rules for me, adapting me into the Fantasy Universe (as I'm a complete n00b here :wink:) and helping me organizing this event for the general public to enjoy. :)

A big thanks goes out to Vaz, Othiem, squeek, Critta, and Inquisitor Aurelius for the list checking of the players lists. The only army book that I own is the Tomb Kings one, XD. And they, as well as alot more people, also suggested new ways for us to set the Fantasy rules into these matches to make it the most best, fairest, and easiest way to get your tactics game on!

A big thanks goes out to Syph for creating that awesome Tactica Wars banner that most of you most likely have noticed that some people have in your sigs. That thing is really amazing man. Also, thanks to Vaz for getting a HTML code for easier copy/pasting to out sigs. :)

And, more importantly, a big thank you goes to the voters of the matches. The Tactica Wars only works if we receive participation from an outside party of the Heresy members. This is all about participation, and I thank you all for sparing a few minutes posting in the threads.

Thank you all! You all fucking rock! :clapping:

Edit: I hope that didn't sound too cheesy. :)
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when are you going to do another one, i am REALY interested in being involved next time round
81 - 95 of 95 Posts
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