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Can anyone clarify the twin laser turret for me? My reading of it is that if I roll two hits, he takes two damage. However, a more seasoned veteran insisted that even if I roll three hits and fails to evade any of them, he only takes one damage. If that's the case I don't think I'll be bothering with them again. Too many points spent for only doing a maximum of 2 damage on the two rolls you get.
That's how it works.

Its good for out of arc firing, and that's it. On a low attack ship its good but still not great for its cost in my opinion.

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Hey @Khorne's Fist, here's an article from the FFG forum about the TLT. Might help to explain some things...or make your opinion more cemented the way it is.
Nice find, @ntaw.

Some valid points in there, that I can appreciate now there's a bit of distance from last nights game. The fact that there's a good chance you'll inflict two damage from your two rolls actually makes it more efficient than a normal three dice attack that can potentially inflict three damage, but would be happy enough to do just one damage.

I'll have to rethink it, and not be so quick to write it off just yet. I have a whole days gaming planned for Monday, so as that article suggests I will try out a few different lists with it in there, and see what works best.
241 - 245 of 245 Posts
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