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Fantasy Flight Games: X-Wing.

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So I've heard a few people talking about this game here and there, and I was wondering, is there anybody here on Heresy that plays this?

It's something that I think looks like an interesting game, and I know that @Jezlad is considering a purchase but being a tight-arse Scotsman I'll be damned if I'm going to spend money on something if I may not like it :laugh:

So, if there is anybody could you please share your opinions etc of the game with me - and Heresy as a whole. What are the mini's like? How's the gameplay? What is the quality of the gaming materials involved?

Any and all information is welcome :)

EDIT: Squadron Builder
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I just got the starter box from my girlfriend for Christmas....can't wait to get playing!!!
Oh you will be hooked.
SO hooked. Even my girlfriend has made an X-Wing list on Battlescribe now! Just got two more Tie fighters and a Z-95 in the mail as well.

Is there an online list of some kind which has all the upgrade cards and what sets they come with?
Thanks @Tawa! That site is pretty swank. Bookmark'd!

@mrknify, I'm loving the potential of this app but all it is doing is constantly crashing. Boo-urns!
Forgive my potential ignorance, but does anyone know when the Scum and Villainy packs are going to be released? I can't seem to find even an estimated date.
I'm too tight to part with money for something I'd be waiting months for.....
I feel this.
If that's the case @Sethis then I'll be pre-ordering my two IG-2000's on my next paycheque :grin:

There's a store in Toronto that I can get them for just over $60 CAD with shipping, I'm pretty stoked at their casual selection of accessories as well. They ship worldwide, but I'm not sure if it's worth it once you get across the pond...either way it's www.meeplemart.com for anyone who cares.
I'll be at my LGS for some 40k this Saturday, gunna be throwing down some orders then.

More stoked for the S&V release than I was for either of my main 40k army's Codex releases.
the Outrider with a Mangler Cannon
With Dash flying this is one of my favourite ships!! It's almost an arc-dodging turret :D
Whats your build?
Dash in the 2400 with the Mangler Cannon and Outrider title. You can add more, but honestly this by itself has worked well for me and leaves more space for other ships.

The Raider will improve the Advanced, no doubt, however it doesn't address the big weakness, which is the dial.
Check out this article, which shows us all the new Advanced pilots....one of whom does exactly what you need:

The above image should say Standard on the left and Juno Eclipse on the right.
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If you gave Juno: Engine Upgrade, Push The Limit, Tie 1x/Advanced Sensors you would have an exceptionally maneuverable ship. The biggest issue I see is 2 attacks, but surviving to shooting matters.

VI on Dash is good times, just haven't played many games where I've needed him out-shooting much. To be honest I play Chewie in the Falcon more often if I'm using a large ship for the Rebels at 100 points.
Chewie in the Falcon all day, every day in my books. Predator keeps him Evading over Target Locks, that's a ship with some lasting potential.
Not hugely impressed with the HWK, but some really nice cards in there, like recon specialist.
The HWK can be a real nuisance. I think there's a pilot ability that allows someone to shoot at PS12, which ruins the day of any Phantom pilot and basically anyone PS8/9 who thought they were shooting first. Heck, even PS9 + Veteran Instincts is only PS11.

Roark + Blaster Turret, Recon Specialist, and the Moldy Crow title is a good time when used in tight formation with a couple Y/B-Wings.

Faced a K-Wing last night and it was a pretty sweet ship, not something I think I need in among my own Rebel ships but still a pretty sweet ship with lots of options.
particularly around turn three or four when the middle of the table tends to get a bit congested
I find this to be a pretty subjective circumstance. I do just about everything I can do to stay the heck out of the centre of the table, there's just so much that can go wrong when you're there that it's often not worth it unless you're darting in for the final kill.

Those new bomb tokens are of serious size. Had my buddy dropped his Connor Net in a subtly better spot I would have eaten shit with my Decimator and likely drifted off the board thanks to the large base.
I think were I to do anything differently in that list with the given pilots I would drop the Shield Upgrade on Katarn for an R2 Astromech on Horton and Advanced SLAM on the K-Wing.

Tweaking for the sake of tweaking though really. The TLT with the BTL-A4 upgrade could be oh so much fun...specially on Horton and his dieseled Lone Wolf-ish pilot ability.
I've been running vader echo and 2x ties, they run very well.
How do you run them?

I'm waiting to run juno but she might not compliment echo as well as vader with his 2x actions.
Juno really seems like a lone shark in space because of that wicked-amazing 'I can do anything' dial. What squadron would you play that would keep up with her in formation?
:shok: no TIE/x1 with Accuracy Corrector on Vader? Though, I guess waiting for the actual card from the Raider box is ok. I haven't :laugh:

Digging that Echo build. I typically toss Veteran Instincts on because I'm nervous about people shooting before me on a decloak but that looks nice, specially paired with Vader.
Cancel all dice results means cancel all dice results my friend. One damage max per shot, though the X-Wing forum is on fire with how awesome it is. I don't get it....but then again I didn't get the HLC until I started using it.

Similar wording can be found on Ion Pulse Missiles.
In order to hit you have to have at least one hit/crit dice roll uncancelled through dice or tokens/abilities. Unless you have some swanky ability like Lt. Blount.
Hey @Khorne's Fist, here's an article from the FFG forum about the TLT. Might help to explain some things...or make your opinion more cemented the way it is.
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