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Must keep painting....
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Hi all,

This is the project log for the Fantasy Army Painter project. This thread will be detailed layout of the specification for the programme and will list all short and long-term goals for the project.

The programme itself will contain:
  • A 'core' model for each of the armies of Fantasy
  • Interchangable shield and banner symbols to allow customisation of the model
  • A basic colour palette with RGB hexadecimal code and active colour tabs
  • Hard coded colours from the GW and Vallejo paint ranges
  • A 'mix your own colour' function using reference paint colours
  • A print function
  • A save function
  • A forum output function
  • A shopping list function
  • Fully protected and encrypted script
  • A tutorial of some sort
  • Credits to all people involved in the project
  • A full legal disclaimer
  • A donation link to Heresy-Online
  • A Heresy-Online logo embedded in the interface
More will be added to the list as and when new functions and properties are decided on. To discuss any of the tasks or specifications and features please use the relevant threads.

Short-term goals are as follows:

  • Complete base model for Chaos Warrior - LVix - Done
    [*]Complete base model for Dark Elf Warrior - LVix - Done
    [*]Complete base model for Orc Warrior - LVix - Done
  • Complete base model for Dwarfs
  • Complete base model for Brettonians
  • Complete base model for Lizardmen
  • Start work on second release model group
  • Convert base model for Chaos Warrior in to shapes and layers - Syph and Riandro - In Progress
  • Develop a complete conversion process together with stevenl to be applied to all further models - Ongoing
  • Develop colour palette and mixer interface demo - In Progress
  • Investigate security concerns with Flash - In Progress
  • Develop a complete conversion process together with Syph and Riandro - Ongoing

Long-term goals are as follows:
  • Complete all base model drawings - Ongoing
  • Convert all base models to shapes and layers - Ongoing
  • Complete a selection of symbols for shields and banners for all models - Pending
  • Investigate plausability of all required specifications and features - Ongoing
  • Develop working demo programmes at various stages - Ongoing
  • Testing and feedback of each short-term goal - Ongoing
  • Develop a first release package that contains a suitable range of figures (possibly 5-6 with a mix of races) - In Progress
These goals are the current aims of the project, they are subject to change and additional goals will be added as necessary. If you are working on one of these goals and complete it, please post in this thread to say that the goal is finished.

Any discussion or amendments may be posted here or in the discussion thread. This thread may be cleaned periodically to ensure that all posts are relevant; the first post will also be updated as and when necessary throught the project.

Must keep painting....
2,977 Posts
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Great, I have updated the log and removed Vaz's tasks with his departure. When you say redo them to the new standard what do you mean? Do you feel they aren't as good?

I would like to focus on creating a 'version 1.0' release group so that once the photoshop and programming is up to speed we can release a working version with part selection of models. This will allow processes and bugs to be worked out whilst the artwork is still being produced, whilst also giving users a taste of what is come and allowing them to act as a test base for us.

I am thinking a first release of 5-6 models would be a good starting point, they will need to represent most of the major races in Warhammer and be a good selection of the popular races to attract users. We have WoC, DE and O&G done or thereabouts, which is great as that is two popular armies (one being a new release) and one boxset army.

It would seem wise to do Dwarfs, Bretonnians and Lizardmen next I think. Dwarfs as they are the other half of the boxset, Brets as they are one of the two human races and are probably the archetypal human in Fantasy and Lizardmen as they are the next big release.

LVix if you are happy to, I would like you to work on the Dwarf Warrior and Brettonian Knight as your next two models? I think we should leave the Lizardmen until the release as they will be most popular after the models hit the shelves if WoC are anything to go by.

Depending on how juddski is doing we can obviously add WE and/or Empire in to the release as well, but I will reserve the final selection until nearer the time as we will need to see what stage we are at with photoshop and programming, etc.
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