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Must keep painting....
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Hi all,

This is a thread for the programmer working on the Fantasy Army Painter Project. This is a WIP thread for the various tasks that will need attention from our programmer, stevenl. That said, anyone can feel free to add to the discussion if there is something that grabs your attention.

I have had a number of long discussions with stevenl and we have come up with a list of tasks and a mutually agreed timeframe for a few demos, etc. The image below is a rough hash idea of what we want the interface to do for the first demo, we produced it on an online whiteboard if you are wondering! :)

So stevenl is aiming to have a working demo of the above by this weekend, it will include the following:
  • An image to be coloured (probably a stick man with the shield from the photoshop thread)
  • A colour palette with base colours
  • An RGB hexadecimal colour code box
  • An active colour box
  • A colour mixer tool
  • Clickable parts of the model to be coloured
The demo will be interactive allowing some level of user customisation of the image. This is of course a basic demo, but it is important for the programming side of it as it acts as a prototype for the code that will be used to colour finished models.

When the demo is ready it will be hosted and a link provided for testing, but more on that at the time. As always, post or pm any questions. Please bear in mind that the code is the important thing initially, the aesthetics of the interface is something that will be dealt with at a later date.

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This should prove useful once it is done. Good Luck
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