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How did you find us.
- Your location.
Worthing. South Coast, UK.
- High School memories.
Er... dossing around and playing on my mates Atari ST when we should have been in school...
- Why did you choose that handle (name).
My parents did ;)
- How long have you been playing Games Workshop Systems and
Now there's a question...hmm.... 19 years I guess
Wargames in general
- Best memory during a battle.
Milton Keyens wargaming club. Rogue Trader rule. Wiping out an entire Genestealer Army in turn one using a 6' diameter virus bomb from orbit which landed just off centre on the table. Actually.... one stealer survived. We probably cheated like hell by not reading the rules right though :)
- Favourite army.
Right now? None really but want to pick up and start using my Marines again... need to do more painting though
- Regular gaming buddies also on the forums.
Not on this one yet.
- Basically anything of interest to give us a better understanding of who you are and what you’re about.
Member of The Dragons Tears gaming club. Meet up every Monday night for 40K, WFB, AI or any of the older GW games plus some others from time to time. We run 40K competitions in Brighton throughout the year and will be doing our first WFB one soon. We have a GW trade account and sell stuff through our website too (check my sig).
- Why not include a picture?
Yeah...well..... maybe. Old pic on our site if you really want to go see.

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Glad to have you with us!
Im sort of local to you as thats when Im back in the UK(I will have the privilege of giving Viscount Vash a match when Im back!Have a look around and enjoy!

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Welcome to the forums.
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