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I recently played vs a necron having a hard time using my tyranid fodder to keep his forces locked in close combat so as not to be able to fire.

Necrons got this fancy chap with a resurrection orb (I forget his name) wich uses a
power (In the shooting phase, instead of shooting) wich causes any enemy unit
within 6" to make a morale roll or fall back. My hormogaunts failed that roll and
were falling back wich is fine, but I could not see how the squad that I had locked
in close combat were now able to fire in the same shooting phase as the fancy chap
just used his power. This didn't seem logical to me and being frustrated already
with all his teleporting out of combat, 2xrolling ressurection and nightbringer tearing
my suped up melee carni to shreads in a round I wasnt about to give up without
a rulefight.

Unfortunately I couldnt find any rules to support my side and I felt his was rather
fuzzy even if possibly better than mine so ofcourse it was done, and I was forced to
abandon his squad allowing it to reign piss on my genestealers.

Is this possible? For a squad locked in combat to fire in the same phase it was
in close combat? Seems laggy to me.
Yes, it's allowed. At the time he chooses the unit to shoot, it is an eligible unit as it is no longer in hth. They're not locked in combat, they're not running, they're not gtg. They can shoot. Your mistake is thinking that all shooting is simultaneous. Only all shooting by a single UNIT is simultaneous. Every other unit is sequential. That's why I can use unit A to kill your transport and unit B to shoot the guys that bail out, because it's NOT simultaneous. Same principle here. Unit A forces them to move away. Unit B (no longer locked in combat) can now shoot them.

Follow up question to you. Were the gaunts not in Synapse? If in synapse, they're fearless, and I thought the Shroud had no effect against fearless........... Might want to check that out.

Darklove answered your other questions quite well, give the man some rep........
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