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I recently played vs a necron having a hard time using my tyranid fodder to keep his forces locked in close combat so as not to be able to fire.

Necrons got this fancy chap with a resurrection orb (I forget his name) wich uses a
power (In the shooting phase, instead of shooting) wich causes any enemy unit
within 6" to make a morale roll or fall back. My hormogaunts failed that roll and
were falling back wich is fine, but I could not see how the squad that I had locked
in close combat were now able to fire in the same shooting phase as the fancy chap
just used his power. This didn't seem logical to me and being frustrated already
with all his teleporting out of combat, 2xrolling ressurection and nightbringer tearing
my suped up melee carni to shreads in a round I wasnt about to give up without
a rulefight.

Unfortunately I couldnt find any rules to support my side and I felt his was rather
fuzzy even if possibly better than mine so ofcourse it was done, and I was forced to
abandon his squad allowing it to reign piss on my genestealers.

Is this possible? For a squad locked in combat to fire in the same phase it was
in close combat? Seems laggy to me.

I'll also swat a couple more flies in one post as it were and do some more!
I am the fresh meat in my group (The only one who recently started as the others
have RE-started warhammer having played 40K with a older rules wich I notice
are incorrect in many cases)

Monstrous creature:
Monstrous creatures move freely in and out of close combat and cannot be
locked into close combat by non-monstrous creatures?
** Sorry if this question was blatantly obvious in the rulebook as I forgot mine
at my friends house and didn't see that rule in the locations where I googled it**

(This is as I am looking for a way to try and limit the nighbringers movement
as he was able to make too large an area impassable for my liking).

Monstrous creature VS monstrous creature:
Do they still ignore eachothers armour saves, even if they're not exactly towering
over anything at the moment? (Yes, brought on by that goddamn invouln save
from the nightbringer - Next time my bad boy carni is running like a little girl the
OTHER way)

Regards ye olde hive mind.

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The issue was not regarding teleporting but pushing apart a close combat fight in the shooting phase using a united not involved in the close combat in order to have said United locked in melee and hence disallowed to fire to fire in that same phase when this obviously is happening simultaneously. (Maybe you misunderstood thinking said melee was not initiated in previous rounds)

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round 4
squad 1 (necron) is fighting squad 2 (tyranid) in an ongoing
melee initiated in round 3 (so they are locked in this round and
cannot shoot during the shooting phase).
The lord uses the power in this round (round4) and forces squad 2
to begin falling back.
Squad 1 shoots (in the same phase and round) at squad 3 (tyranid).

squad 2 is not being shot at and I agree that this squad can be shot at by other
squads, or assaulted by squad 1 (wich is a later phase) even though I think shooting
at this squad would be dodgy. the shooting phase afterall is pretty much instant
from the models perspective so using the lords power in this way strikes me more
as exploiting a fuzzy rule.

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Got it.
Yeah I have been considering the shooting phase to be more or less simultanously
and I had charged out of synapse in order to prevent the squad from firing since
being in hth would buy my warriors enough time to get closer and that's why I had
no chance at beating a morale roll :p

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