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dont worry this is the reason im keeping it o[pen so that others have a final chance to post

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I've been adding a few additional bits of information to the Nyæni sheet; nothing serious, just a bit more info on weapons, and a key features bit under 'Common Features'. I'll probably add a bit more in until Recruitment is closed, if you have no objection, SoA?

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SoA, I've got to ask, is the 2 character thing still going, or are we good for only one? :D

Edit: Haha Klomster :p I'll take that as a compliment, and perhaps the fault of watching Treasure Planet last night (ah Disney, you made my childhood :3 ). And nice work on the bugs btw, taken something mindless and crafted a character out of it, nifty :p I'm still not sure if the Compact would be "Oh yay! More people to trade with and exploit!" or "Oh nay! Bugs that eat our workers and customers! SQUISH 'EM SQUISH 'EM SQUISH 'EM!!!!" ;)

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well 2 characters i would like but if your culture would only have 1 then thats fine.
ye malochai your aloud to keep editing as long as you in form me of any major changes

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Right, will do. I may put up another character, so I have one general, one political. It makes more sense to me now that I think about it.

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ok tyranno dont worry as long as you can get your sheet in and have decent amounts of info your gonna be in.
romero's own might be in he just needs to modify his race a bit.

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no its ok it entirely depends on what your race is like wether or not there would be 2 but i was just saying it would make more sense for some surcamstances

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Hmmm, i did a drawing of one of the bugs. A worker.

Looks a bit to much like an ant. I wanted them to have a bit more starship troopers arachnid look. (But it's not them, and they are not that large. Except some, but they are old.)

And yes, for those that realised my race reminds of the arachnids, i just found that out myself :p.

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Race Name: Mol'Omra'Chai (Moloch to outsiders)

Homeworld/description: The Moloch hail from now dead planet called Sh'ka'alra-Mol'Omra'Chai ("Cradle of the God's children"), or simply Sh'Ka'Alr, a world located on the outermost fringes of the galaxy. In its glory days, it was a harsh but beautiful world, covered in verdant rainforests and long expanses of desert. The Northern hemisphere was made up of a large continent called Ursh'Kaelek, which was the centre of the Moloch population. The southern hemisphere made up with smaller continents and numerous archepelagoes, these small islands are host to many tshrines that sailors visit to request the God's protection for their voyage (in their early spacefaring days, the captains of the ships would do the same). Now it is a radiation-scorched rock, any remaining fauna and flora horribly mutated and once glorious bio-cities now twisted beyond reckoning and the air is now a poisonous fume that not even the Moloch can resist. Now they are a nomadic people.

Average Lifespan: Sk'raill'ta (1000 years+) (depending on the what species the individual has devoured)

Settled Planets: Though normally nomadic, some Moloch Dominions do settle on planets. Z'skayr, Oma'rath and Sh'krail are such worlds they have settled. Most were barren orbs which were successfully terraformed, while some were gained through conquest.

Languages: Omra'Se (spoken): Considered by many to be thick and guttural, Omra'Se is considered to be among the most difficult languages to speak, since the Moloch's naturally deep voices can handle the strain it puts on the vocal cords. If a human constantly spoke it, they can eventually lose their voices. When describing something, the words have to be tied into the name of the subject.

Omra'Va (written): The written language of the Moloch consists of intricate characters that are interlinked to form concepts

Physiology: When one looks at a male and female Moloch, they can easily be mistaken for two different species. Males are the most intimidating, standing a staggering 9ft in height. Their skulls end with a cone of bone where the hair sprouts from (often mistaken for an incredibly high top knot), their noses recede to the point where they are completely skull-like, their mouths have no lips, but they can express emotions thanks to their multi-jointed jaws. A male Moloch's skin is also more spiky and more like armour plating. Female Moloch are much less intimidating, standing only 7ft5 (give or take). Their heads are much closer to a human face, the noses are also receded, but their skulls are completely shaped like a normal human skull and tendrils as well as hair sprout from them. These tendrils serve a purpose during moments of intimacy and also serve to carry objects.

All Moloch tend to have grey-dull green skin, their eyes range in colour from orange to black. They are monstrously strong, capable of tearing a man's head off with terrifying ease and can hurl things that most would not be able to even lift. Their ears are pointed, each protruding 3 spikes. Their hair is chameleonic and the colour is determined by aesthetic sense and emotions. They are all immensely resilient, many times has a foolish opponent believed he killed a Moloch, only for his former victim tear his heart out. They also have clawed fingers and razor sharp teeth. All Moloch possess a highly adaptable genetic code and as such can absorb new material from other organisms. This can be done through comsuming other organisms or implanting other body parts, granting the Moloch more abilities, but is only reserved for those they respect.

Description (history and culture): A nomadic race that abandoned its dead homeworld, the Moloch have wandered the stars for over 20,000 thousand years upon their Dominion ships, their society built upon their religion and warrior-ethics. For them, it is considerably rare to settle a planet and only do so as a last resort. When one encounters the Moloch andwhen they get past the feeling of intimidation and the general hustle and bustle of Moloch life, at night a visitor feels the sensation of mourning. This is apparent when they are observed praying for the soul of their homeworld and even weeping. For millenia, their religion has been the pillar of their civilisation. They worship a trinity of deities: Al'shek'Razi'ur'kar, the creator, Uma'shezi'Amak'ar-Ur'zela, the Prince of the flayed and La'mahsa'Reilish'ek, the lady of morbid indulgence. One peculiar part of their religious creed is that technology is blasphemous, for it imitates life while having no soul. So to compensate, the Moloch make use of sophistocated, living biotechnology. They also practice ritual cannabilism, believing that by eating the foe, you take some of his power, which is technically true. However they only reserve for honoured foes and many Moloch feel their opponents should be flattered that they want to eat them. At funerals, the corpse is eaten so that part of them would live on (literally). Each Moloch lives as part of a Dominion, a collective group of Dominion ships each answering to a Dominion Overlord. Moloch take honour seriously, believing that without honour they are nothing. Disputes are settled with duels, often first blood and pacts are rarely broken. Attitudes to outsiders vary from Dominion, some are all for interaction and trade, some are for isolation but there are those who would see the outsiders punished for their use of mechanical technology.

The first contact the Moloch made in their nomadic state was with the warlike Zelgethma, who attempted to wipe out the Dominions. The Moloch themselves retaliated and wiped put their foes, indeed the feast was rich and the Dominion that finished off the Zelgethma, Zur'lah'Sh'karl, settled what is now Z'Skayr...(more to be added)

(Bio)technology: Extremely advanced by most standards, the Moloch are well known for their biotechnology. Each 'device', from weapons to the Dominion ships are mainly living creatures, requiring only basic nutrition to function. Each piece has Moloch genetics within it, meaning that implants are never rejected (even in non-Moloch bodies). These devices are created and maintained by the Flesh-Crafters, Moloch with bio-kinetic abilities. They look monstrous, even for one of their kind, since they have altered themselves into a form that matches their objectives. Those who are captured by the Moloch who are not to be sacrificed or enslaved are sent to the Flesh-Crafters, to be changed into monstrous Flesh creatures, each made from the bio-kinetic concoctions of their masters. Most insidious of their creations are the the Zel'Hur'Gok and the Zem'She'Lak, mutated insects that serve the purpose of infiltration (if the Moloch do not know a hostile society well enough to infiltrate in shells). These creatures are telepathicaly linked to their masters and work differently. Zel'Hur'Gok attach themselves to a host's brain, whilst the Zem'She'Lak completely devour their hosts innards and fills the empty skin with thousands of carniverous insects and serve to make sure that the previous's host remains compliant if strong-willed.

Venomphage: A symbiotic creature that serves as a rifle. It harnesses the toxins within the user's blood that have'nt been purged by the kidneys, and amplifies the toxicity one hundredfold and hurls it out in a crystalised form.

Arachno-grenades: Essentially spider-grenades filled with a volatile corrosive bile.

Serpent's lash: (think Yuuzhan-Vong amphistaffs)

There are so many weapons used by the Moloch, these are just a few of the weapons they can grow/breed, such is the ingenuity and creativity of the Flesh-Crafters.

Societal Positions

Dominion Overlord (J'Skay'Ekva): The leaders of the Moloch Dominions, each having earned the right to rule. As part of his inauguration, the chosen Moloch eats the heart of his predescessor, so that his blood can continue on in his successor. A Dominion Overlord is expected to be a skilled military commander as well as a shrewd politician, since the fate of his Dominion may rest on his tongue as well as his sword.

Overlord (Ay'Ekva): The elite of Moloch society, The Overlords serve as generals and advisors to their Dominion Overlord. Each has earned his position through centuries of bloody warfare and the intrigues of politics and only they can succede their Liege-lord when he eventually passes into the fabric of the Gods.

Flesh-Crafter (Sula'Tar'Vashoth): See Biotechnology

Hierophants: The priests

Allegiances: Varies from Dominion-to-Dominion


Name: Erishak-Shuroz'Zelsas

Title: Red Prince of the Shi'urs'Ak Dominion

Rank in Culture: Overlord

Age: 800 years old (8'Aill)

Appearance: Erishak's features are typical of many male Moloch, He is 9ft tall, his eyes are red with flecks of orange. His ears are pierced and his face is tattoo'd in the blood of those who have opposed his Dominion and has tattoos of the hierophant's blessing. His skin has a reddish tinge, a result of absorbing the genetics of a Menoetian he devoured. His long hair is often red with unchangeable white strikes, another side-effect of his Menoetian and Nyaen meal but still retains a limited chameleonic ability. From his back protrudes a stinging tail, a biological combat augmetic often decorated with jewellery. In battle he often wears gauntlets and a breastplate forged from the chitin of the Zla'Serak, which is highly resilient through sheer hardness and emitting a gravi-energy shield. His lower body his adorned with a robe of flayed Nyaen skin and pierced accordingly with bone.

Personality: Patience and caution is what defines Erishak, having devoured many individuals of long-lived species, which contributed to his own long life span have allowed him to have such an ethos. Also like many of his kind, the Overlord takes matters of honor seriously and never betrays anyone unless there is evidence. Despite his appearance, he does have a sense of humour (albeit vulgar by other standards) and agrees that being open to other races is best for his Dominion's survival, but will unleash his rage if war is made. Like many of his people, Erishak is devoted to his Gods and any who insult them will have to prepare to have their hearts ripped out.

Background: The son of the current Dominion Overlord, Tarak-Shuroz'Zelsas, Erishak has served as one of Dominion Shi'Urs'Ak Overlords for many centuries. The first battle that the Red Prince participated in was against the Menoetian Empire, when they percieved the nomadic Moloch as a major threat. It was Erishak's defeat and consumption of a Stratēgos of the Empire that earned him the title of Ahsh'Ul'Ezrath and prompted a promotion to the rank of Urz'Hakar.

It would be 4 centuries later that Erishak's glory would manifest. During the Shek'uliz'Vaan (time of kinsmans blood), a dark time when many Dominions turned on each other, fearing that this will lead to their species would render them extinct, Erishak's father called a conclave aboard his Bio-ship. It was Erishak's suggestion that the Dominions should be scattered further apart among the stars and only if the others were in danger of being wiped out could they assimilate them into their Dominions. The Urzh'Hakar planted his sword into the table, challenging all those who disagree to a single combat to the death. Only one did, and it came from a source he did not expect, one of his own, an Overlord named Asurkath-Nur'Skar. He claimed that Erishak knew very little of how the Dominions work and that he was still a lowly footslogger. Erishak smiled, "challenge accepted" intoned the Overlord. He charged, the sword still remained in the table until their was a clang. The weapon was in Erishak's hand and black blood seeped from Asurkath's face, until it slided of his head. As was the way of the Moloch, Erishak assumed the Overlords rank and signed the pact that ws to be in his blood, the blood of the slain Asurkath and all who have gathered.


Arzl'Gath: A sword forged from the bones of a Stone Salamander and infused with a venom gland which drips a highly corrosive toxin that few can resist.

Mak'Akli'Tar: A custom -grown gauntlet that when thrust into a victim, drains the victim of their bodily fluids until a dessicated husk remains and fires their fluids into a ball of flames

Sk'Ors'Va tail: see appearance

Venomphage ring: A miniature variant of the weapon-organism, its range is only a few inches but is considered a weapon of self-defence (though Erishak's Moloch strength is normally sufficient)

I was in a bit of a rush, hope its all right.

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I have some free time so here they are

race name: The cybran nation

planet of origin/the surface appearance: originating from Segetasis 4, a planet which looks like earth only bigger and less seas (80% is land 20% is water)

average life span: 150-200 (The oldest is 1350 years old)

settled planets: Many planets from their own system and others

common features: Cybrans are bipedal, upright walking creatures and look quite familiar to humans most cybrans foreheads are metal from whre the AI chip was implanted and keeps them in check with the rest of the cybrans

spoken languages: Cybrans can speak most languages thanks to the AI in their brain Give them a couple of minutes with a new speicies and they will be able to speak their language fluently

written languages: Again they can write any language but the cybran writing is known as minervan

levels of leadership: The leader of the cybran nation is Gustav Brackman a Genius who came up with the technology to mearge their species brain with the computer programing on the chip.

Each planet is ruled by a Planatary Minister which rules his or her planet for Gustav Brackman as even his great mind can not control that many planets. Below them are colony Ministers which take the problems of the Colony and bring it forth to the planatery governer if they can't handle it themselves. Below them is The normal Cybrans who work and keep the nation going

backstory: The cybrans began their live as another race about 1350 years ago living in peace as their speicies went towards space allowing old grivences to wither and die. With that the infamous 'father' of all cybrans, Dr Gustav Brackman merged his brain with an AI with this the symbionts where formed. The old spicies goverment saw thius as a chance to exploit them and made a Loyalty program which made the anyone with a AI implant Unable to think for themselves. Gustav outraged by this made the Liberation matrix and with that fled with his closest symbionts and made the cybran nation.

Not long after that they ran into the old Spicies ran Into the seraphim and they taught the new comers something called 'The way' the colonists where taken in by the way and hoped to become good friends with the new species but the old spicies wouldn't have it and attacked the seraphim killing them all. The colonists outraged by this became the Aeon Illuminate and would cleanse all those who didn't belive in the way.

In response war raged across the systems as the three nations clashed in warfare with billions dieing because of this. The old species made a Terrifing weapon they called 'Black sun' a weapon cabable of destroying enitire planets. Threatened by this all three nations fought on the planet hoping to gain control of black sun. After a five day long battle the Cybrans won and loaded 'black sun' with a virus which would shut down all Quantum gates and release the liberation matrix to every planet. The cybrans then lived in peace for several years and hen the gates came back online sent massive assaults against the other nations homeworlds killing them all. They where now finally free.

That war was called the infinate war and lasted for a thousand years and now the Cybrans where the only ones left allowing them to carry on living in peace

technology: The cybrans are a very technologically advanced race and the main peice of tech is the ability to implant an AI in every Cybrans brain. They also have something called the Quantum gate network. A series of gates that allow them to transport to any planet immediatly but the only way to get back is to have a quantum gate on the other side this way of travel costs a lot of energy and costs more the more you send through it which is the one downside to it.

allies and enemies: They currently have no allies or enemys but can and are willing to fight for their freedom

Way of war: The cybrans make war by sending a single commander driving the mighty ACU (Armoured Command Unit) an can build a base of opperations which includes factories to make their dreaded war machines. The ACU may then construct a army which he alone must command and each commander takes a great deal of training from a young age.

If a battle drags out for too long the commander may ask to be authorised to make 'Experimental units' Thses units are incredible powerful and can Take out entire entire armies by themselves but they are not called 'experimental for nothing! Some experimentals are known to just fail in the middle of battle and just sit their for the rest of the battle until they are destroyed . In more severe cases the experimental unit is known to go haywire and destroy friendly units carving a path of destruction back to the commanders base and destroying him.

This mighty army is not without weakness. If the commander is destroyed the whole army will stop and just stay still awaiting instructions. The commander is no easy feat to kill as it is heavily armoured and carries a lot of fire power but nothing is invincble

The current units in use are:
The loyalist assault bot: A machine about human size that walks around on four legs and has two rapid fire pulse lasers on each arm. These units are fast moving and dish out a lot of damage but a fairly weak

The brackman mobile artillary: A machine about the size of a tank that fires a shell that when impacts realeases nanobots which begin to eat away anything aroung in it's area. It has very long range but very low health.

The adaptor: This all purpose monster has Shields, Anti air and anti missle making this a common sight on the front lines It has very low health so it's commonly hidden behind the loyalists

The gemini fighter bomber: The gemini is a fighter bomber which bombs leave behing a camera allowing the commander to see what they hit.

The renegade gunship: THis flies around and fires missles directly at foes and is equipped with shields but can be brought down pretty easily by rapid fire

The salem class destroyer: The destroyer has a lot of health and anti air plus long range ground whats more it has LEGS (Land Emergance Galleon System) Allowing it to pursue across land however it is not very good againt units close up to it

now for the experimental units:

The cybranosaurus rex: A mighty fusion of beast and metal this stands at 80 meteres tall launches missles grenades and breathes fire! However if the commander is not in constant control of it. It will go beserk and destroy everything around it.

The soul ripper: A experimental gunship which has been known to destroy forces on an entire planet bu itself. However it wieghs a lot and it's thrusters are a dodgy meaning it normally crash lands destroying itself and anything underneath it

The kraken: An experimental Subermarine that has torpedoes and laser beams attached to the ends of long tentacle like roters at the rear of it. However it's reciving system is not very good and it is commonly known just to sit their and do nothing


real Name: Ivan Brackman

Title: Son of the father

rank in culture: Basically a prince

Appearance: Ivan is 29 and has ginger hair, gray eyes and his forhead has the craved symbol of the cybran nation

backstory: Ivan Brackman is a test tube baby, brought to term in a exo-womb and is the literal son of Dr Backman and a unknown female doner rumored to be Former cybran elite commander Doysta. Ivan is also the first succesful Proto-Cybran commander a grown Hybrid of Seraphim, cybernetics and Dr Brackmans Proto-Brain technology

Ivan was raised in the Haven node in close proximity of Dr Brackman (There where some concerns that his fathers current condition excisting as a brain and spinal cord sustained in a specially desighned oxygen-rich amnitonic solution might of been off putting to a small child)

Ivan was closely monitored before he was allowed to mix in with the other members of the Cybran community he showed enough promise at an early age to be enrolled at commander school on Altair II. There he worked his way through the classes quickly with his unique way of looking things and once he finished commander school he bacame head of Dr Brackmans Military protection staff

age:earth years and race years: Earth Years: 19 Cybran years: 29

personality: Ivan is a calm and coll headed man able to think stratigically and effectivly even in the heat of battle. He is a good friend and will always try and support his friends in whatever way he can. He is intrigued by new things and has inherited to some of his fathers traits (For example saying 'oh yes' when something good happens but slowly and calmly)

weapon of choice: The ACU Mark 1 ( The last one left of it's kind)

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As promised soa, here they are. I hope they are good enough.

Race name: The Flusen

Planet of origin/the surface appearance: The Flusen originate from the planet Crinitus, a lush planet covered in rolling plains and beautiful forests.

Average life span: They seem never to age.

Settled planets: The Flusen have settled on no other planets than their own. But they have settled upon all of the four moons of their planet: Gurska, Yeavin, Nilabr and Codin.

Common features:


Height: 1’6”-2’

Eye colour: Hucuba=Brown, Jamina=Green, Kequa=Blue

Fur colour: Hucuba=Dark Green, Jamina=Sandy, Kequa=Light Green

Other Info: Have two teeth on their top jaw but have a very powerful bite. Their single eye is used to transmit their mind waves and often flashes slightly when they are mentally working.

Spoken languages: The Flusen cannot speak, instead they transmit their thoughts in brain waves to the being or beings they wish to communicate and their thoughts are translated into that beings own tongue. No-one knows how the Flusen communicate with each other.

Written languages: The Flusen have no written language as they have little need for it.

Levels of leadership: Each of the three tribes, Hucuba, Jamina and Kequa, are led by a chief. These chiefs are level in rank and together they form the Tri-Council that rules the Flusen. Each tribe will have its own council to decide various matters involving that tribe and advising their chief.

Backstory: The Flusen were brought into the universe by a small asteroid that shattered in the atmosphere. The three parts of the asteroid landed in three different places. One fell into the desert of Jamina. One fell into the jungles of Hucuba. And one fell into the grasslands of Kequa. And so it was that three tribes were formed.

The Flusen that emerged in Jamina adapted the colour of the sand and took the name of the desert as their own. The Flusen that emerged in the jungle adopted the colour of the leaves and took the name Hucuba. And the Flusen that emerged in Kequa took the colour of the grass and took the name of the lands as their own. It was when another asteroid fell that the Flusen came together once more.

When the asteroid fell all three tribes felt drawn to it. And so, leaving their adopted homelands they set out across the planet till they all arrived at the crater. They accepted each other’s presence with ease and some even greeted the other tribe members as family. Yet it was the contents of the crater that drew most attention. For there was no trace of the asteroid. Instead the crater was filled with a clear liquid that shimmered in the sun. Gathering together each tribe discussed the pool and thee candidates were chosen. These three candidates stepped forwards and drank from the pool. Instantly the effects were shown. The eyes of each candidate flashed brightly, all the colours showing. After a moment the flashing stopped and the candidate’s looked around them at their tribes. The liquid was sweet and gave them great strength as they discovered that no more were they silent. The found they could speak inside the very minds of their tribe and that great power was theirs. And so were born the first Chiefs.

Seeing the power that their new chiefs had received from the pool the tribes moved forward to drink themselves. Again their eyes lit up with bright flashes of colour before stopping, leaving them with mental powers unknown before. They could speak with each other without making a sound, they could lift small objects up into the air, and they could even lift themselves up to hover a few inches above the ground. But it was together they found true power. When they combined their new mental strength with one another they found they could lift huge loads with little effort and do many other difficult tasks with ease. While the tribes were discovering their new powers the three chiefs, the wisest and most powerful thanks to them drinking first, met and agreed that their tribes would band together and form one group, yet still remain in the three tribes. And so the first Tri-Council was formed.

From then on the Flusen flourished with their new powers. Soon they realized their true potential and discovered with the combined focus of around 20 of them they could fly a ship between Crinitus and the nearby moons. And so, they did. With the claiming of these new moons they discovered more fragments of the asteroid that had brought them to Crinitus. And inside they found the hibernating forms of more Flusen which they welcomed into the tribes. Each new Flusen was taken to the pool and they drunk there. And every time with a flashing of colour the Flusen developed mental powers. Around the pool was built the only building upon Crinitus or any of her moons, known as the Mind Fountain. Made from all the fragments of asteroid found by the Flusen on the moons and Crinitus itself it is an impressive structure. Standing at almost 80ft it is an intimidating tower of rock that was made by the combined mental might of all three chiefs. But it is not for protection, for any and all Flusen are free to drink from the pool anytime they wish. Instead it magnifies the power of the liquid and increases its strength. Every time another fragment of asteroid is added the liquid bestows greater power upon those who drink it. And so the Flusen search for fragments of the asteroid, for if it were ever to be complete the power would be unimaginable.

Technology: The Flusen have very little technology. They have no weapons as they have no enemies. They have no building as the climate upon Crinitus and her moons are perfect for them. They have no means of transportation as they have found that they can travel at impressive speeds using only their minds and even travel through space with enough focus.

Allies and enemies: Anyone want to ally with a furball??


Real Name: Dur’fa’e

Title: Dur’fa’e carries the title of his tribe, Jamina Council

Rank in culture: Dur’fa’e is a member of the council of Jamina. His duties are to advise the chief and deal with matters involving the tribe.

Appearance: Dur’fa’e is of average height for a Flusen, around 1’10”. He has fur the colour of sand and an emerald green eye. His two teeth are strong and white.

Backstory: Dur’fa’e was one of the first to drink from the pool after the chiefs and he embraced his new found power. Quicker than most he mastered his powers and for this he was noticed by the Jamina chief and made a member of the council. From there Dur’fa’e made a name for himself as a good advisor and clever thinker. He was one of the first to come up with the idea for space travel and in charge of the first flight to take place. Indeed he was on board when the craft landed on Yavin. He has drunk from the pool many times during the construction of the Mind Fountain and has felt the increase in its power first hand. He is now considered second in command to the chief of Jamina

Age: earth years and race years: Earth years, 79. Race years, they don’t have any concept of years.

Personality: Dur’fa’e is a thinker. His powers have given him great knowledge and he has used the knowledge to great effect, advising and planning well. Because of this he is a prime candidate for a diplomat if new races are discovered. He is wise beyond imagination and so will often help guide people through thought.

Weapon of choice: His mind.

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Unfortunately, I've got the stuff finished (all 4,000+ words of it), but I can't get it on today, I scarcely have time for this post. But I'll get it up first thing tomorrow. Sorry about the wait.

And Romero's Own, the link isn't working, it's going to an error page. Unless you mean the monster on the error page.

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yep looking good so far when i get back from school later today ill read them fully

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Finally got it finished, I might add a few bits now and then. If you need picture representation, I can find them easily. Hope it's OK:



Race name: Fel’Ra (Fell-rah)

Planet of origin/the surface appearance: Gren’Pa (Grehn-pah)

Average life span: Dependant on Sou’Ra (Soow-rah. The Sou is pronounced like the French Sous, if it’s not that clear). However, due to the speed that their psyche is attuned to, a Fel’An (Fel’Ra year) feels longer to a Fel’Ra than a year does to a human. They also sleep less and tend to think faster, further improving the amount of content they can fit in a life.

Settled planets: Gren’Pa, Hal’Pa, Thzur’Pa, Plo’Pa.

Common features: The Fel’Ra are a race of tailed quadrupedal mammals, with fur all over their bodies. Roughly describable as large felines, the Fel’Ra can range vastly in size, lifespan and markings. These different varieties of Fel’Ra are known as Sou’Ra, and every Fel’Ra belongs to a Sou’Ra. The Fel’Ra all have sharp claws, padded paws, and marked tails. Their heads bear whiskers and various lengths of nose and varieties of eye colours. Fel’Ra have opposable fingers on their front paws, and these are vital to their technology, but not for their weapons. Finally, they have ears on the top of their heads, one on each side, which can rotate 180 degrees around.
At birth, the Fel’Ra’s Fel’Me and Fel’Va, parents, use a special plant chemical, unique to a Sou’Ra and varied between them, is painted upon the newborn Fel’Ra’s tail. Sometimes it is coloured, often it is scented, some even modify hair growth on the Fel’Ra’s tail. This marks them as a Fel’Ra belonging to a Sou’Ra. The same kinds of chemicals are used for tattoos and the like for the more adventurous Fel’Ra.

Spoken languages: Fel’To, Hal’To.
Fel’To is the original language of the Fel’Ra, a language of mystery and intrigue. The tongue is formed of purrs, meows, hisses and clicks. The smallest mispronunciation leads to a very different meaning in most sentences, as the multiple meanings of many words leads to a perfectly normal sentence having several other, often less friendly, meanings. The language is reliant on perfect intonation to get the correct meaning across, leading to the race not developing robotic speech until late in their 4th Era. The double-meanings and lack of sarcasm makes Fel’To the language of choice among the Fel’Ra.

Hal’To is the tongue of the Hal’Sou, a Sou’Ra of the Fel’Ra. The language contains no purrs or clicks, and all words have but a single meaning. This language is similar to that of the domestic cat of the Humans, but its use is rarely seen outside of the uneducated or gangs, due to the lack of sophistication.

Written languages: Fel’Wral
Fel’Wral is the only written language of the Fel’Ra, consisting of 137 different claw-made symbols, acting as the letters of Humans. Both Fel’To and Hal’To use Fel’Wral, as few other symbols can be made by the Fel’Ra’s claws. In English translations, some plurals gain an ‘n’ at the end.

Levels of leadership: The Fel’Ra hierarchy is different in each Sou’Ra, but the uppermost positions are answered to by all Sou’Ra.
Hau’Fel (High Fel’Ra) – This Fel’Ra is their spiritual leader, and all owe allegiance to him or her. The Hau’Fel is in direct conversation to the Fel’Lon, the spirits worshipped by the Fel’Ra. Each Sou’Ra backs a different Fel’Lon more than the others, but they still worship all 7 Fel’Lon.
Gov’Feln (The Fel’Ra Council) – Each Sou’Ra elects a Gov’Fel to represent them. The Fel’Lon directly watch their actions, and ascertain that they are representing their Sou’Ra rather then themselves. The Eighth Gov’Fel is chosen by the Fel’Lon, and the Hau’Fel occupies the rarely used Ninth Seat.
From here on in, these are by Sou’Ra. There are not equivalents from one Sou’Ra to another, and I have included facts based on the basics of the Sou’Ra.

Jan’Sou – Worships Jan’Lo (4), average lifespan of 35 earth years or 140 Fel’An. Grey-blue fur, large paws and stocky build. Grow to about 3’. The Jan’Sou are the greatest warriors of the Fel’Ra, though few of their famous Fel are from a warrior background. Hierarchy:

Su’Jan – the Great Cat. The Su’Jan always lives 150 Fel’An (Fel years), which is 37.5 earth years. At birth, the Su’Jan is marked by the symbol of Jan’Lo, warrior spirit of the Fel’Ra. The Su’Jan is born on the exact second that the previous Su’Jan dies, and is always born to random parents. They must undertake the Jan’Tri, a series of tasks set by Jan’Lo, and then ascend to leading the Jan’Sou. Some Su’Jan fail the Jan’Tri, and 150 Fel’An pass without a Su’Jan. They are in control of the Jan’Sou, and rule as warrior and politician, always advised by Jan’Lo.

Gov’Jann – The Jan Council. The Gov’Jann consists of 4 members, and owes allegiance to the Su’Jan, ruling in their place until they complete the Jan’Tri. One Gov’Jan is usually elected for the Gov’Feln, but not always.
Mil’Jan – The Jan Warriors. They are the workers and warriors of the Jan’Sou, and spend most of their lives as such. They are the masses, however, and vote for the Gov’Jann and Jan Gov’Fel.

Elt’Jan – The Jan Parents. In times of parentage, all work is lifted from the Jan’Sou, and they go to the Elt’Jan. They still vote for the Gov’Jann and Jan Gov’Fel, but not for anything else until their children reach 5 Fel’An.

Xi’Sou – Worships Xi’Lo (6), average lifespan of 40 earth years or 160 Fel’An. White fur with black extremities, slender and sharp-featured. Grow to 3’ 6”. The Xi’Sou are very taken to politics, cannot trust and are not trusted. They often rule as they see fit, and were the creators of the Fel’To. Despite what many would think, they are disgusted with assassination and underhand bribing. Hierarchy:

Poe’Xi – [No literal translation]. The Poe’Xi is a political mastermind, blessed by Xi’Lo after election. They see the flow of Fel’To perfectly, and always know what is being said.

Den’Xi – [No literal translation]. The Den’Xi, are, in the loosest terms, the working class. They work, they vote (lots), etc. Due to the political nature of the Xi’Sou, the Den’Xi are often well-paid and own businesses, rarely subordinates and rarely working manually.

Mex’Sou – Worships Mex’Lo (10), average lifespan of 25 earth years (100 Fel’An). Ginger fur, long-haired and often with white stripes. Grow to 2’ 6”. The Mex’Sou are artistically talented, some architects, some designers, some chefs, some poets. They care less for politics than any other Sou’Ra, and have a very simple political hierarchy:

Arc’Mexn – The Arch-Mex. This is a council of 10 politically inclines Mex’Sou, voted for by the others. Apart from being the group that can go up to the Gov’Feln, respect paid to the Arc’Mexn is equivalent to that of the Kun’Mex.

Kun’Mex – The Mex Artists. They are equal in rights, unequal in skill and talent, but are a happy bunch who care little for the problems of the race. Kun’Mex provide most of the art of the Fel’Ra, with famous artists like Mex-Leo’Dav and Mex-Vin’Goh.

Wor’Sou – Worships Wor’Lo (5), average lifespan of 50 earth years (200 Fel’An). Light fur with ‘flat’ noses. Grow to 3’. The Wor’Sou are the priests of the Fel’Ra, spending on churches, and inspiring others to action. They are typically short-tempered and old-fashioned, but mean well, and keep the Maj’Fol flowing. Hierarchy:

Cur’Wor – Curator. The Cur’Wor is a legendary figure of the Wor’Sou, chosen by Wor’Lo at the end of each Fel’Dec (10 Fel’An). All of the Wor’Sou involuntarily speak the name of one of their number, who becomes the Cur’Wor and leads a crusade of worship to all Fel’Ra.

Bis’Wor – Leaders. The Bis’Wor are born into the position, and govern the Wor’Sou as they see fit. Few Fel’Ra agree that the Bis’Wor should be selected as such, but the Wor’Sou care not – they spend on churches and worship, and the Pri’Wor are blind to the political movements of the Bis’Wor.

Pri’Wor – Priests. The Pri’Wor are the second-to-lowest class, the Wor’Sou who take it upon themselves to devote their lives to churches. They are the only voting class, and make up the vast majority of the Wor’Sou.

Ath’Wor – Heretics. Some Wor’Sou hate the way that their Sou’Ra is run, and so do not devote their lives to the cause. The Bis’Wor declare them heretics, though they are only mistreated by the Wor’Sou – the other Sou’Ra feel only pity for their misfortune of birth.

Mag’Sou – Worship Mag’Lo (7), average lifespan of 100 earth years (400 Fel’An). Silver, White, Grey or mixed (but only those colours) in colour, long-haired. Grow to 3’ 6”. The Mag’Sou are the ‘mages’ of the Fel’Ra, sustained only by the spirits and by the connection made by worship. Their hierarchy is one of advancement by average skill to age, and they have no single leader. Hierarchy:

Alt’Mag: Elders (age 325+ Fel’An). They are the strongest mages of the Fel’An, harnessing the Maj’Fol to create things unthinkable to many. They may not be the most physically able, hundreds of Fel’An tarnishing their physique, but they are amongst the most dangerous. They are the leaders of the race, and the only ones eligible to be voted into the Gov’Feln.

Eld’Mag: Arch-Mages (age 275+ Fel’An). The final of the pre-governance ranks, the Eld’Mag are masters of arcane sorceries, and are much matured compared to many of their brethren.

Sorc’Mag: Mages (age 200+ Fel’An). When a Mag’Sou passes their Fel’Sorc exam, they reach the Sorc’Mag level, where their training is complete. They are teachers of the Maj’Ut, teaching the lower ranks the basics of magic. As the Fel’Ra climbs the hierarchy, they teach higher ranks of Mag’Sou and experiment to find new ways of using the Maj’Fol. Roughly half of all Mag’Sou finish their lives at this stage.

Leh’Mag: Apprentices (age 100+ Fel’An). Though technically not a mage, the Leh’Mag are qualified Mag’Sou, who may wish to join another profession. Less than a fifth of all Mag’Sou end their training (and lives) here, and work their magic in concert with the skills of other Fel’Ra.

Kin’Mag: Young Ones (age 50+ Fel’An). The Kin’Mag are adults in Fel’Ra society, but still require further training to leave Mag’Sou education. They are able to vote from this point on.

Fin’Mag: Children. This is where the Mag’Sou are born into, and then must learn to climb the ladder of the Mag’Sou. Due to the age or skill requirements, some Mag’Sou spend a full 100 Fel’An to leave to the wider Fel’Ra society, while some reach Sorc’Mag within 100 Fel’An.

Hel’Sou – Worships Hel’Lo (9), average lifespan of 60 earth years (240 Fel’An). Always jet-black short fur, always athletic build. Grow to 2’. The Hel’Sou are the assassins, saboteurs, spies, and sneaks of the Fel’Ra. Few like to speak with them, as their words are always dripping with hidden venom that only the Xi’Sou can see. Their hierarchy is strange, as they are built of clans, as such:

Maf’Hel: The Maf’Hel are the clan leaders, and they attend only one annual meeting, where all underhand work is allowed to work the laws of the clan. The one vote that is universally understood as the one that should be fair is the vote for the Gov’Fel, and not once has it been unfair.

Gon’Hel: These are the other Hel’Sou in the clans. Simply, they are often hired or ordered by their Maf’Hel or otherwise, to perform their special ‘dealings’. Which are never nice.

Tek’Sou – Worship Tek’Lo (8), average lifespan of 75 earth years (300 Fel’An). The Tek’Sou are varied in colour and hair length, though almost exlusively black and white short or mid-length hair. Grow to 3’. They are the scientists, mechanics and engineers of the race, and the most populous of the lot. Hierarchy:

Kha’Tek – The Great Architects. The Kha’Tek are the ruling group, voted in to lead. Their interests are always for the advancement of science, medicine and technology, so rarely stray far from that of the voters. They vote amongst themselves for the Gov’Fel of the Tek’Sou.

Kra’Tek – The Healers. (Note: They are equal to Ksi’Teks and Kov’Teks) The Kra’Tek invent medicines, run the hospitals and do other such things. Without them, many diseases would not be cured, and many Fel’Ra would die from war and accidents.

Ksi’Tek – The Scientists. They are the researchers, the thinkers, the explainers. Their function is the same as that of most races’ scientists.
Kov’Tek – The Engineers. They are in command of architecture, vehicles, machinery and so on. They are usually the mathematicians of the race, but sometimes just imaginative individuals.

Backstory: The beginnings of the Fel’Ra were not the greatest. They formed tribes after evolution to sentience, each in the thrall of one of the great spirits. The spirits themselves were created by similar ideology forming in their minds, and thus birthed them. The Fel’Ra Tribes, the Fel’Sou, thought them gods, and worshipped them. The substance of their existences was poured into their minds, refining them to the purpose. Eventually, the Fel’Sou were all enemies, and not one would even talk to one another – ambassadors would be sent back with missing limbs at best, at worst not at all.

At the end of their second era, a Fel’Ra was born to a Tek’Sou noble, but would not be marked, so was sent out into the wilderness. Here, he grew up, alone to the world, but with a great purpose building. The inability to mark him was the spirits’ protection. He was their vassal, their vessel. He united the tribes at one meeting, where the tribes’ leaders gathered. The eight of them gathered, and the spirits rose before them. Seeing the rival spirits together as brothers shocked the leaders, but that was but a shred of things to come. The spirits took a hair from each of the eight gathered, merged them, and then, with a flash of light, they created the Hau’Fel. They were told that each seat now occupied was as it shall always be – the tribes shall vote one to represent them, the spirits shall choose one, and the Hau’Fel shall take the final seat, and decide laws to unite the land. From then on, the tribes became the Fel’Sou, united under the spirits, and coexisted perfectly for years to come.

ERAS (Fel’Rae):
1st: Era of the Spirit (Rae’Lon). The Fel’Ra evolved to sentience, formed tribes, and created the 7 spirits by shared thinking. The creating marks the era’s end.

2nd: Era of the Chosen (Rae’Cho). The Fel’Cho was born and cast out, then united the tribes, the birth of the Hau’Fel marking the end.

3rd: Era of the Hau’Fel (Rae-Hau’Fel). The Hau’Fel explained mysterious things from the spirits for an era, one of which scared and upset the delegation. In a shocking display of mistrust, all of the Gov’Fel but the Fel’Cho turned upon the Hau’Fel, slaying him then turning on each other, marking the era’s end.

4th: Era of Night (Rae’Noc). The spirits punished the Fel’Ra with unending night for 100 Fel’An. The Wor’Sou and Mag’Sou suffered greatly, as the spirits stopped connecting to the Fel’Ra, causing them to be without purpose. The Era ended with the greatest of sacrifices – a group of Fel’Ra, one of each tribe, set out to the 9 seats, and sacrificed themselves, using the final bit of Maj’Fol on Gren’Pa, to recreate the hair of the original Gov’Fel. The Hau’Fel was reborn, and the spirits were forced to reconnect to the world. Their spite abated by the noble Fel’Ra, they continued to reconnect, and have not left since.

5th: Era of Planets (Rae’Pa). The Fel’Ra reached space, inhabiting 3 nearby planets, guided by the spirits. The era is ongoing.

Technology: With an entire Sou’Ra dedicated to science and medicine, it is of little surprise that the Fel’Ra command awesome technology. Much of the necessary resource-gathering is automated, and most homes are packed with technology.

The Fel’Ra do not often use transport, as they are a very mobile race on foot. Sometimes, however, transport is necessary for war or space. In these cases, they tend to use flying vehicles. In war and at home, their transports are usually wedge-shaped, the front compartment for the driver and the rear area for the passengers. The main difference is the ends – the front end is usually more rounded for peace-time transports, and the rear end on the war transport is a one-way shield, so that the passengers are protected and can leap out into the enemies. Some more elderly Mag’Sou use Maj’Dis, flying discs. They sit on the disc, channel a small amount of Maj’Fol into it, and then they fly. Think of Yoda’s disc from star wars with a Norwegian Forest Cat on it, and you’re not far from it.

The Fel’Ra use field technology as armour in warfare – a frame going down their legs, down their tail and up to their heads project different types of field when something draws near. Bullets deflect off the shield easily, but the shield can only take so much damage before it runs out of power.

For weaponry, the Fel’Ra have gunpowder but do not use it often. Their style of combat is suited to laser weaponry – either afar or up close, with as little noise as possible. Laser blades and pistols are standard issue, and are both useful. The right wrist has a laser pistol on it, the left a laser blade. A special button on the side of the paw is the activation switch – either to fire or draw. Other weapons exist to them, such as the Claw-pattern Hexrifle (which fires 6 small half-discs at an opponent) and the Thzurite Monocannon (which fires a lump of contained energy at a point, which, obviously, blows up spectacularly).

They also like teleportation and aircraft, so it is of little surprise that most major operations against the Plo’Dest use teleport and aircraft strikes. The teleporters are simple to them, but are not widely used because of the risk of ending up somewhere wrong, or ending up half-materialised. Their aircraft are much more safe, and an effective invasion tool. They are long and streamlined, often bearing Thzurite Bombs on their undersides and paired Helrifles (Hel’Rif) in their fronts. These aircraft are often disguised, and are almost impossible to hit. That said, even a pebble thrown hard enough could throw it off course, and any wing or engine damage would spin it into oblivion. The same kind of craft, only bigger, are available for commercial use as private jets or passenger planes.

The most unique thing about the Fel’Ra is the magic of the Mag’Sou. The spirits are sentient conduits of energy, but they exist on a separate plane of existence. However, whenever a Fel’Ra worships them, dedicates something to them, or even thinks of them, a varying amount of their energy is sent to them. This is known as the Maj’Fol, magic flow. The Mag’Sou are able to harness this better than any because of their connection to Mag’Lo, the spirit of the arcane and supernatural. Some from the other Sou’Ra can harness it, but not like the Mag’Sou can. This is the most versatile weapon they have – it can create fire in midair, change someone’s mind, or flip a switch, or anything further out or in between. However, Maj’Fol is needed to do such, so the ability is useless without it. Maj’Fol can be stored, and even the Maj’Fol-blind can store it. The more memories the Fel’Ra has, the more Maj’Fol it can store. The oldest of the Mag’Sou can store enough to provide oxygen for themselves for months on end, some even longer. However, the Maj’Fol follows certain laws – for example, one cannot just create something, it is just moved, or gravity cannot be turned off but the force can be balanced.

Religion: Just before the Fel’Ra began to track time, their collective consciences had spawned 7 spirits, each a being of ideals and power. Before the end of the 2nd era, they were thought of as gods, but when the Hau’Fel was created, the illusion stopped. Despite not being deities, their worship still continues as the best way to release Maj’Fol. The spirits are as follows:
Jan’Lo: Spirit of courage and strife. He has powers in strength, bravery, war and disregard for personal safety. His sacred number is 4.
Xi’Lo: Spirit of words and tricks. He has powers in wordplay, deception, outthinking and comprehension. His sacred number is 6.
Mex’Lo: Spirit of art and creativity. He has powers in poetry, art, imagination and free thought. His sacred number is 10.
Wor’Lo: Spirit of worship and crusades. He has powers in achieving goals, crusades, strength of will and determination. His sacred number is 5.
Mag’Lo: Spirit of magic and sorcery. He has powers in magic, correct thinking, democracy and laws. His sacred number is 7.
Hel’Lo: Spirit of shadows and night. He has powers in sneaking, agility, tactical thinking and strategy. His sacred number is 9.
Tek’Lo: Spirit of science and medicine. He has powers in science, healing, technology and order. His sacred number is 8.

Allies and enemies: The Plo’Dest of Plo’Pa are, despite having lost most of their population in the invasion, still powerful enemies of the Fel’Ra. They are rodent-like, but less cunning and more brutal. A single Plo’Dest could kill thousands of Fel’Ra, purely by virtue of their standard-issue Sollaunchers – cannons that fire balls of contained star-gas. It can blind, burn and explode, which bodes badly for the Fel’Ra.

Due to their dislike of trust and their tricksy language, the Fel’Ra have no allies (save maybe the spirits), but many planets. They are not an old race, but they are making excellent headway to becoming a serious threat to any other galactic empires.

[Political Representative]

Real Name: Zan’Trut

Title: Eld’Mag-Zan’Trut, Mos’Kul. (Elder Mage Zan’Trut, Ambassador)

Rank in culture: Eld’Mag (Elder) of the Mag’Sou

Appearance: Long-haired, silver-grey furred except for a white patch from about the mouth down between his legs. (http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?q=no...=195&start=0&ndsp=15&ved=1t:429,r:1,s:0,i:140)

Backstory: Zan’Trut began life as a kitten to two Sorc’Mags, and was obviously taken to be taught the arts of the Mag’Sou. At the age of 47, he passed his exam to become a Kin’Mag, then passed the Leh’Mag exam at 89. From this, he moved onto being a Sorc’Mag at 183, then an Eld’Mag at 257. An above-average student, the only thing holding Zan’Trut back from achieving Eld’Mag at an earlier age was his constant questioning – why is this, should I do that? His mastery of the Maj’Fol is greater than many of his superiors, and his level-head is the wonder of many. His tutors at a young age said that he would do something great – something as great as the first Fel’Cho – but were not sure where, when, how, why or any other detail of it. His Eld’Mag entry was singularly amazing. He had succeeded where many had failed, in stabilising both an alternate opener gateway and a cross-vacuum communicator (with nothing visible). These two achievements made him the obvious choice over all other Mag’Sou for the negotiations, and the Xi’Sou had been ruled out due to their natural talent being nullified by the language being used in the negotiations. However, the entire Gov’Feln would be connected to Zan’Trut by his communicator spell for advice as to what to say, and the gateway opener meant that if conflict began to arise, he could send troops through.

Age: 66 earth years, 266 Fel’An.

Personality: As a Fel’Ra, Zan’Trut finds it hard to trust outsiders, and likes to have fun and run circles around others with his mother tongue. However, as a Mag’Sou, he is much more quiet than many of his race, and prefers to dwell on new ways to harness the Maj’Fol than to make friends. On the outside, he often appears cold, calculating and hostile, while he is just thinking and calculating on the inside. However, when his mind is put to the task, he is level-headed and thinks as far ahead as time will allow.

Weapon(s) of choice: Zan’Trut does not use weapons, but rather uses his Lo’Maj (Spirit Magic). That said, he does wear a laser field exoskeleton (which projects an energy field when a threat is detected, and looses small amounts of energy at the attacker if there is enough energy left) underneath his regal robe, and is requesting to have the Su’Jan near to him at all times.

[War Leader]
Real Name: Anz’Kull

Title: Su’Jan-Anz'Kull

Rank in culture: Su’Jan

Appearance: Anz’Kull bears a subdued grey-blue tone of fur, with striking yellow eyes and massive paws, just like most Jan’Sou. He is an astonishing 3’ 4”, much taller than most Jan’Sou. (Think this, with bigger paws and a bigger, stronger-looking build http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?q=ch...nw=98&start=0&ndsp=16&ved=1t:429,r:0,s:0,i:71)

Backstory: Anz’Kull is the current Su’Jan, and is considered one of the most capable Su’Jan over the years. At birth, his parents were delighted to see that he was the Su’Jan, and so they found the correct tutor to teach him the skills needed for the Jan’Tri. Walking out of the Jan’Tri at 37 Fel’An, Anz’Kull began to rule fairly, but was better known for his brilliant military strategies. In the Plo’Ski (Plo War), Anz’Kull managed to take a full company of Plo’Dest without a single casualty. Now in his later years, the Fel’Cho indicated to the Gov’Feln that Anz’Kull must be the one to join the negotiations party, for whatever part Jan’Lo has planned for him.

Age: 105 Fel’An (26 Earth years).

Personality: If there is one thing that birth has left Anz’Kull short of, it would be temper. Stupid suggestions and disinterested Jan’Sou often bear the brunt of Anz’Kull’s verbal assaults, occasionally in Hal’To, to worsen the blow. When roused to ire, few have the sheer strength of will to stand up to Anz’Kull, and that’s before adding in the factor that he will live to 150 Fel’An, no matter what (and the fact that he’s backed by an immensely powerful transdimensional being). To those he can get along with, he is friendly in the extreme, and will defend his friends stoically. His military might and strategy are the stuff of legends, though he is one of the few unfortunate Fel’Ra with no ability to harness the Maj’Fol at all, which makes him uncomfortable around most unscrupulous mages.

Weapon(s) of choice: Anz’Kull can fight at range and up close. He wears a full suit of energy armour, which covers only his torso, and can cover his head, legs and tail at a mere thought, as it is wired up using stored Maj’Fol into his brain (a completely painless procedure – it’s just his brain emitting a type of wave into a suit of metal). The armour creates an extremely durable force-shield around him, which can only be broken with massive amounts of force. Moreover, the suit is made of a precious flexible alloy, allowing him free movement with great protection.

The suit has a pair of inner wrist-mounted Hel’Kni (improved laser blades capable of being used as knives and swords), again powered by Maj’Fol signals from his brain, and a pair of outer wrist-mounted Hexpistols. He also bears a Hel’Rif, a Helrifle, which is an extremely powerful laser-firing, semi-automatic, sniper-capable weapon.
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