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Fabius Bile

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I was just wondering, can the Enhanced Warriors upgrade be applied to only generic Chaos Space Marines, or can it include things like the various Berserkers, Noise Marines, Plague Marines, Thousand Sons, Chosen, Havocs, Possessed, Bikers, Raptors and/or Terminators?
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With regards to the OP's question, it specifies that it only works on squads of generic Chaos Space Marines. So no enhanced cult warriors, or chosen, or termies. It sucks, I know.

With regards to Fabius-themed armies, I would say don't. I say this from experience. I played a Fabius centered CSM army for around 3-4 months. Got around 20 games in with it. During that time, Fabius single-handedly killed more of my CSM than my opponents did (I started keeping a tally after game 3). If you roll a one, be prepared to suffer the consequences of neutering your squad when the Champ/Icon/Special Weapon guys die. Not fun.

Yes, I know that statistically you shouldn't have rolls of 1 or 6 too often. However, I have found that statistics seems to b*tch-slap you when you don't want it to. Like when you roll for enhancement.

Over-all, I found that the pro's of enhanced marines just didn't out-weigh the risk of having half your squad die before the game even starts.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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