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Fabius Bile

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I've been thinking about getting Fabius Bile.
He sounds real good, with average rolls he can bring down/wound a Wraithlord, other MC or a powerful independant character.

I have a couple of questions-
1.Can Fabius Bile enhance himself if he's in a squad?
2.Can Fabius Bile ignore armour saves?
3.Does Fabius Bile have FNP?

Does anyone know any good tactics, any special ways to use him or just anything about him in general?

Cheers! Jacob
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I'd imagine s khorne list using him. Berserkers with EW... Too bad he's not khorne.
To bad you can't use it on himself
Lol, too scared to get a taste of his own medicine...

Although, I like the idea of S6 Berzerkers on the charge
Oh right, they already have FC...
^ Start another thread if you want to get Rep, as the point of this one is to discuss his uses.
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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