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Fabius Bile

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I've been thinking about getting Fabius Bile.
He sounds real good, with average rolls he can bring down/wound a Wraithlord, other MC or a powerful independant character.

I have a couple of questions-
1.Can Fabius Bile enhance himself if he's in a squad?
2.Can Fabius Bile ignore armour saves?
3.Does Fabius Bile have FNP?

Does anyone know any good tactics, any special ways to use him or just anything about him in general?

Cheers! Jacob
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*Facepalms* *Groans* *Slaps Primarch Lorgar*
Oh, Ok let me just....*Smites/burns/kills in other graphic ways* better?
As a Daemon Primarch who has sat on his arse in a stupid temple for TEN THOUSAND YEARS!

While I on the other hand have done all of these things:
Made out with Eldrads sister
Made out with Eldrads mother
Made out with both at the same time while Slaanesh took pictures

Outwitted Tzeetch just so I could say "Just as Planned" to it
Beat Slaanesh in a beauty contest
Gave Nurgle a disease that even he cant do anything about
Built a bigger throne of skulls than Khorne in two weeks

Punched commisar Yarrik in the face and lived to tell the tale
Yelled 'CREEEEEEEED' to Abaddon's face and live to tell the tale

Bought the Tau Empire

Deiceived the Decieiver
Voided the Void Dragon's Mother

Acted out the Horus Heresy with sock puppets

AND pulled Thraka's finger!!

So do you really think that some pathetic word bearers (See Im even taking your capitals away) scare me?
Food for thought :)
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Oh there are...there are.....mwahaha
Secret number 1 Secret numer 2 and secret number 3

They were so awesome that GW has had to lock them away in a pandorica otherwise the awesomeness would destroy the mutilverse!


*Smites Lord Rahl with the Sword of Truth*
1 - 6 of 33 Posts
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