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The problem seems to be that there are 3 kinds of 'Fluffy' lists:

1) I like the story behind X, so I'm going to build an X themed army. X could be a type of unit, character, or army.

2) I don't want a cookie cutter competitive list, but I don't want my list to completely suck.

3) I like X because it kicks ass and makes my army very powerful (Vulcan, etc.)

The first and third types of fluffy lists general go over well on these boards as they are either A) completely non competitive or B) resemble tournament lists and are therefore easy to respond to.

However, there is generally a disconnect between the list's author and the heresy forums on the second type of list, either due to the author not explicitly stating their expectations, or due to posters assuming the list is meant to be highly competitive. The main issue is, how do you keep the army's 'theme' while pushing it in a more competitive direction?

Because the stimulus behind most of the army lists on these forums is competitive (possibly semi-competitive) game play, I feel that it is a fluffy author's responsibility to clearly outline their expectations and/or which aspects of the list they are looking for feedback on.
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