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that guy with the LR spam wanted slight adjustments on his theme and he did receive the big ol' 'your list won't work' comment pattern. what i saw about that post is that most people didn't read into him very accurately and became annoyed with him when he said, 'wtf?'. i actually appreciated his self defense. there are a lot of personality types posting on these boards at very random times and this is an example of a break down. how about the plasma spam guy? i just couldn't get him to agree that putting a plasma pistol on his dev. squad was just silly, i made sure i didn't let it get me in a huff because he was seemingly unreasonable.

i say let the ones who want what they want, have it, and if you/we can't handle that then opting not to respond, or feed into it, is the better path to take. It's only a game, a game I do enjoy.

~ mr.sarofeen
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