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I originally had an Exorcists list using space wolves to make use of runepriests but as they are massively nerfed now I have rearranged slightly. So here is my revised list...

Primary Detachment:

IF Chapter Tactics


Pedro Kantor 1XX pts


8x Sternguard w 3x Combi-Meltas 251pts
Drop Pod


5x Scouts w Shotguns & Melta Bomb 60pts

10x Tac Marines w Melta & Missile Launcher 210pts

Heavy Support:

4x Lascannon 150pts

Allied Detachment:

Red Scorpion Chapter Tactics


Magister Sevrin Loth 1XXpts


5x Tac Marines w Apothecary & Plasma Cannon 120pts

Heavy Support:

Whirlwind Scorpius 125pts

Inq Detachment:


Coteaz 1XXpts

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor w 3x Servo skulls, Power armour, Psyker 72pts


Henchman squad w 2x Plasma cannon servitors, Multi-melta servitor & Psyker 60pts

Total 1498pts

The basic premise is to have the sterns act as the hammer to the anvil of the rest of the army.

The scoring sternguard drop in with loth attached giving them invisibility which he is guaranteed and also sponging the few wounds that make it through with his 2++ save. They will need this survivability as they are the only squad heading up. I have left a space for if I choose to put all my eggs in 1 basket and stick Kantor into that squad as well.

The servo skulls will reduce the scatter of the drop pod so I can choose exactly where the sternguard will get out. The tank hunting lascannons and melta will hopefully be enough to deal with heavy armour.

The whirlwind will provide nice long range barrage sniping and general Str 8 unpleasantness.

Coteaz will hang out with either the lascannons or the servitors to provide deepstrike defence and to give either squad a fighting chance if they are caught in cc.

This army is intended to be fun but at least semi-competitive. I'm aware I have no anti-air but I will stick with ignoring fliers as a general strategy. My other acknowledgement is I have a lot of points tied up in HQ choices but they all provide to aspects of my strategy that my list just wouldn't really work without.

All comments and criticisms are welcomed.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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