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In the fluff behind my Dire Avenger shrine, Shrine of the Last Dawn, I state that no Exarch have ever been seen joining a warhost but that there is a rumour that they are training hidden in the shrine until they will emerge in the final hour of Altansar as a mighty host of their own.
I played a little with the idea of fielding a squad that consist only of Dire Avenger Exarch and what Special rules you could add to a unit like that. The Wargear, and Dire Avenger rules would be as normal and also the options for the Exarchs. Where I have played around a little is with a cumulative effect for each option to spice up the squad a bit. Here is what I came up with.

Exarch Battlehost
Unit Composition 5 Exarch 110pts.
You could add 5 more Exarch at 22pts each.
Atleast 1 per 2 Exarch must take an option from the wargear list.

If more than one Exarch has a shimmershield the ++save is decreased by one for each extra shimmershield. (You’ll need 4 exarch with shimmershields to reach 2++ save)

If two Exarch has dual Catapults the unit can reroll 1s when rolling to wound in the shooting phase. If more than four Exarch has dual Catapults the unit gains Shread USR in the shooting phase.

If more than one Exarch has the Diresword the spirits in the hilts cooperates to drain the spirits of their victims. For each Diresword the Ld of the target is reduced by -1 to a minimum of 1 when taking Ld test from being wounded by a Diresword.

What do you think of something like this?
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