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Ethereal for the new "Catch-22" army

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My army is being revamped after seeing a "copycat" paint scheme on a website. So time for a repaint and new models. Here is the first one done.

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The base was simply made from greenstuff and moulded with a knife and tools into rockish bricks. My army will have a more cityfight (dirty city) look to it with a khaki base color, grey secondary color, and light blue highlights and sept markings.
Kinda like my avatar and siggy.
the sig reads "...for the greater good" and it does look like CCCP

The model is a production model and is featured/painted in the Tau Empire codex
Jacobite said:
Nice dude - very grimmy and dirty. Looking forward to seeing battle suits etc in that scheme. Great painting very controlled.

What scheme were they orginally?
This is the reason i "re-started" my tau.

i have already primed over my devilfish but my old ethereal has the pattern on his cape still.

The model i saw was this:

I doubt it was a "copycat" just a coinidence.
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1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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