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Er, hi there....

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What the title said :smile:

Just thought I'd come online and say hi - whilst I've been playing various GW games for the last 10 years, I've never got around to finding any forums online to chat in - well, until now, anyway :wink:

Little background - am 28, live in Manchester, and worked for GW part-time for about 5 years whilst at uni. Currently have around 2,500 points of Chaos Marines (Sons of Malice), 1,700ish Tyranids, and numerous Dark Eldar armies - current project is a necron force for apocalypse.
Warhammer-wise, I'm painting Orcs, and they look like they might be the first army to successfully pull me away from my Dark Elves long enough to actully get an army finished (usually I paint 2, maybe 3 units, then go back to the elves...).
Painting-wise, I like to think I'm above average, but am honest enough to say thats probably not true. We won't talk about my converting :wink:
Anyway, just thought I'd say hi; I expect I'll be around a bit from now on!
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Hello Shadowfane and welcome to the boards,

We have recently upgraded the site so we are in need of some painted mini pictures to stock up the Gallery it would be great to see your stuff in there.

Hi shadowfane and welcome to the Heresy, those various DE armies sound very interesting. Might as well join Vash's plea (or begging, depends on your perspective) for pics :wink:

So hope you'll enjoy your time here and see you around on the boards!
welcome to HO
Welcome indeed Shadowfane.

Err, what they all said. :wink:

Red Orc

'Mein Cyclops hat Schwimmfusser' (sorry I can't find umlauts or SZ on this keyboard)
Welcome to HO.
Welcome Fane. Great to have you here. You have any pictures of the horde that is your miniture collection?. Always a fan of Dark Elves and havn't seen any for a while.
Will probably try and get some pics taken over the weekend - have a few things I'll take pics of - a converted Hydra and a Daemon Prince being the main things, I expect - always best to get the most impressive things up first! ;)
>> Welcome to HO mate, tis good. Enjoy yer stay etc etc.
*GASP* you didnt threaten to take his eyes!!!!
Glad to have you aboard. We are a friendly community (Well that's how I found this when I joined) with lots of friendly people who are always more that happy to give some advice onany topic.
Make sure to visit the Tutorials Section. I made most of them.:wink:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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