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"So Whats Vash been up to ?" I hear you say. Well maybe you did not but Im going to tell you all anyway :D .

You might have noticed that my attention wanders so therefore I jump from WIP to WIP and they all move at about the pace a a glacier.
Sorry about that guys.

Scince my mate got back from abroad we have been discussing Epic and he has finally got me to start an army.

We play The older rules out of choice (I have been into why on anoter thread HERE.) That said most of the models are the same.

The army I have started is orks, mainly because I had scratch built a load of kult of speed buggies and trukks for 40k and though it would be a bit of a challange to do much the same in 6mm scale. ( Not to mention cheaper too.)

Heres a few pics of whats going on so far.

The Horde.

Scratchbuilt Badmoon Gibletgrinda Battlefortress.

Scratchbuilt Goff Skullhammer Battlefortress 1.

Scratchbuilt Goff Battlewagon 1.

Scratchbuilt Weirdboy Tower.

Scratch Built Ork Buildings

The Buildings are currently being sold on Ebay as they do not work in the old rules. (work fine in the current rules though, should have done my research :oops: See ebay seller Zoddite.)

I started off painting as I assembled them but soon realised that I would not get far like that. So the current plan is to assemle all then base paint them in the clan colour so I can use them ( Yes I know play before paint naughty Vash. :eek: ) Then go back through a third time and finish them all up to the standard of the Weirdboy Tower.

Thanks for looking and if you want to know more just ask.

Jac "Baneblade" O'Bite
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:shock: I don't know anything about Epic but really loving those scratch built minis from a modelers point of view, really really nice work.

Looking forward to seeing more of them,

One question?: how did you get it all so nicely built up without the glue spreading out and running the model due to it drying in lumps?

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Well I have managed to borrow a camera again, so its time to update the Epic army pictures. Heres some bits that I managed to get painted in the last month or so...................

@Jacobite, no particular brand really just heavy duty bonding.
@Kelvin. yep your on the money. In the old dule which Im playing, however many stands you can get on the roof is how many can be in the building.

Goff Battlewagons

Goff Gutrippers

Evil Sunz Spleenrippas

Evil Sunz Nob Bikes

Bloodaxe Boyz Mob

Bloodaxe Rhinos

Bloodaxe Warboss and Nobz

Bloodaxe Landraiders

Bloodaxe Gibletgrinda

Bloodaxe Bonecrunchas

Bloodaxe Shokk Attack Guns

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Those are so damn cool I have to restrain myself from going Orky and restart my old cult of speed army. Love the looted vehicles and the shokk attack gun!

Great work Vash, absolutely great :D
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