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Engine Kill

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Across the galaxy the Imperium of Man fights wars on every front, few of those worse than against the greenskin menace of the Orks. Not to be taken lightly in any number, when enough Orks gather they inevitably form what is known as a WAAAGH and reduce dozens of worlds to ruin. One of these WAAAGH's, led by the Ork warlord Ghazkhull Thraka, has engulfed the vitally important system of Armageddon. Located within Segmentum Solar, the Armageddon system has vital warp routes that must be protected at all costs.

It is the year 942 of M41 an while the main source of fighting is on the world of Armageddon itself, Thraka's forces had spread themselves throughout neighboring systems and further weakened imperial support throughout the region. Within the Calveus systems lies the forgeworld of Midlais, whose production of weapons and armour are vital to mans effort in pushing back the greenskins. While space superiority above Midlais is hotly contested between the Orks and imperial navy, the true war is being fought on the ground.

Arrayed against the Orks are five regiments of Cadian shock troops, two regiments of Mordian iron guard, two Narmeniam armoured regiments, elements of the Ultramarines fifth company, and a elements of the Legio Gryphonicus.

Howdy everyone, welcome to Engine Kill; my attempt to do something a bit different than many might be used to. You are members of the legio gryphonicus, the war griffons, and it is to be your job to break the back of the Orks on Midlais and return to the task at hand in throwing Thraka off Armageddon. However, though your all war griffons don't think this means your all going to be piloting your own titans.

No, in this RP you will be the crew, some of you princeps and others their moderati.

-As GM my decision is final, if you feel their is an issue then PM me. Trying to make a public spectacle of things is an easy way to ruin the fun for yourself and everyone else.

-Death is possible, and remember that its not just your life on the line should that occur.

-Each crew is a team, divided you will get nowhere.

-No godmodding, just because you think you know what is better for the story than me doesn't mean its going to fly.

-If you have questions feel free to PM me, you never know what information or allowance that may give.

-Looking for a minimum of eight sentences per action thread post.

-PM me if your unable to post for a while or need to leave, nothing gets on my bad-side worse than someone who doesn't have any courtesy.

Right now I am looking for two warhounds and a reaver, though if theres enough interest more warhound and reavers may become available.

Character sheet:
Name - [Rather self explanatory]
Age - [A warhound princeps will be between the ages of 30 and 45, a reaver princeps between 40 and 75, moderati 20 to 60 depending on titan]
Appearance - [what do you look like?]
Personality - [What are you like? Remember that the crew of a warhound can be more impulsive and rash while a reaver crew is more arrogant or reserved]
Background - [All characters are either void born or hail from the legio's forgeworld of Gryphonne IV]
Position - Princeps, left moderati, right moderati, forward moderati (reaver only)

Princeps - The main control of the titan, a player who takes the role of princeps is the one who determines the general appearance of that titan. In game he/she is the one who controls the titans movement and on occasions can take control of weapon systems. The princeps is also the only one who can communicate with other princeps. [A player taking the role of princeps gets to name the titan.]

Left moderati - Operator of the left weapons system and shielding, a player who takes the role of left moderati chooses the left weapon system. In game he/she controls the left weapon and can regulate where power is drawn to on titan. (This includes reducing power from weapons to regain shields, for example.)

Right moderati - Operator of the right weapons system and sensorium, a player who takes this role chooses the right weapon system. In game he/she controls the right weapon and the titans sensor system, it is his/her job to inform the rest of the crew of threats/danger. (Though it may not be prudent to report some things.)

Forward moderati - Operator of a reavers carapace weapon system and ground coordinator. A player who takes this role chooses the reavers carapace weapon system. In game he/she controls the carapace weapon and coordinates the objectives/orders of the skitarii forces under the reaver crews command. Skitarii forces are a total of four hundred tech guard and one hundred fifty praetorians mounted within various transports and carriers.

Warhound weapon options:
Plasma-blastgun, inferno gun, turbo-laser, vulcan mega-bolter, chainblade with integrated double autocannon or double heavy bolter array

Reaver weapon options:
Arms - powerfist with built in quad heavy bolter array, gatling blaster, laser blaster, melta cannon, volcano cannon (may not be equipped on both arms)
Carapace -apocalypse missile launcher, plasma blastgun, turbo-laser, vulcan megabolter

And I do believe that is it for now. A word of advice, you are going to be working in teams so it would likely be a good idea to team up with others and work on your characters together somewhat.

Reaver titan Auratus Salvator
Dark Angel as princeps Isabelle Acantha
Deus Mortis as moderati Elijah Dobesh
unxpekted22 as moderati Rusilay Cartillisto

Warhound titan
Nacho Libre as moderati Erinyes Persyne
Oldman78 as moderati Varben Hesh
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So, just one more for the crew of the Auratus, and we'll have two engines ready to mobilise!
So, just one more for the crew of the Auratus, and we'll have two engines ready to mobilise!
Woot woot, I cannie wait until this starts.:grin:
I don't think I'll be able to do this, I'm going away for two months and probably won't have reliable access to internet so I don't think joining this is a good idea unfortunately. I hope you guys enjoy it :)
Name – Sarka Halruus

Age - 46

Appearance – Standing at 5'6”, Sarka Halruus is moderately built man with short cropped black hair. He has a squarely built jaw that would look more at home on a guardsman less a titan operator, with small hawk like eyes adorning his face. His complexion is slightly pale from having to spend most of his life shrouded in the darkness of the forge world. He keeps himself clean shaven but occasionally forgets to complete his morning ritual, leaving him with some hard dark stubble.

His only bionics are only the ones necessary for him to perform his task as a moderati, but his large hands are callused from having spent an extensive amount of time running simulations and compiling truly arduous amounts of paperwork. His voice is a smooth baritone although it is seldom heard.

Personality – Sarka is a soft spoken man that shows the worth of his deed through action and not words. While off the Titan he enjoys reviewing previous actions of the titan legions and analysing where it did well and what could be improved. Some would say he is almost obsessed with keeping his skills sharp, he would just tell you that it is only practical. Most hours however he can be found simply filing paperwork to keep the titan and the rest of the adepts happy.

On the titan however he prefers to simply acknowledge commands with a short curt responses. His eyes always on target and focus on the work at the hand. Nothing pleases him more than having his work bring death to the enemy and glory to the Emperor.

Background – Sarka Halruus hails from the Halruus family which are known for their extensive numbers of adepts and sages and is primarily based on Gryphonne IV. They are neither well known nor obscure but have a close relationship with the adeptus mechanicus for their work in simply compiling records, an extensive number of family members have simply spent their whole lives keeping statistics and thousands of forms well in hand. The Halruus family also processes huge sums of data for various magos that enlist their services. You could say that it is a clan dedicated to exhaustively filing and processing paperwork.

Sarka was just another member of the family, the 2nd son of a branch head destined to work as another adept. Another life spent making sure that every bullet shot and drop of blood spilt is for the Emperor and written down for his sake. He was however sidelined by a cousin who is a middling tech priest who noticed that he has an affinity with machines. He convinced Sarka to instead apply to the Priesthood of Mars or perhaps the Collegia Titanica. As a child Sarka loved the pict captures of the God-machines in action against other colossal beasts and the like and he decided to apply for the Collegia Titanica. His study went smoothly and later became a moderati.

Position – right moderati

Weapon Options: Laser Blaster
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Out of curiosity, will we need crew members for all three titans to begin the action thread or just the two? No rush, just wondering.
Ah is that so? I'll make changes then. I presumed it was the forward moderati spot that was open on the reaver titan. Is there a different spot otherwise i'll just go princeps of the 2nd Warhound titan.

EDIT: Never mind I re-read the posts again, I must have confused the warhound operators for the reaver. It is the right moderati spot that's open.
Name – Sarka Halruus
Overall looks good, I will however ask you to make a bit of a change to his background. Since Gryphone IV is a forgeworld and your part of a titan legion you would fall under the purview of the Mechanicum not the Munitorum.

Once that is changed you should be good.

Out of curiosity, will we need crew members for all three titans to begin the action thread or just the two? No rush, just wondering.
No, two titans will be more than enough to start. Even if members had just crewed the two warhounds thats still six players; and you lot went for the reaver so seven it shall be.

On that note, a bit on posting between updates. Most of the time I'll have no problem with you posting as many times as you like, as long as you meet my sentence minimum per post. This time however I'm going to be a bit more limiting.

After each update you are going to be limited to two posts. This is because the format of the RP is going to be slightly different than what you might see in other RP's. After each update everyone's first post is going to be a reaction post, where you react to anything that is happening in the titans cockpit (like if a fire breaks out, or your titans shields have been knocked out and you need to divert power from weapons to get them back up, or damage has blown away the ammo store of your mega bolter and you now only have one burst left) or need to relay information to your fellow crew (or in the case of a princeps, other princeps.)

After that there will be a mini update from me, and then you make the second post, the action post. This is where you deal with things outside the titan, like a moderati firing on a group of vehicles or a princeps taking on evasive manouvers or bringing the titan around so the moderati can use the weapons.

Overall updates will function in one of three ways: major (which can be the largest and will more often than not cover large sections of time), regular (covering general action and consisting of minutes or moments at a time), and mini (covering specific action and occuring after reactions or some actions.)
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Okay tweaked his background to be more closely affiliated to the Mechanicum.
Name:Caius Storm-Spear
Age: 42
Appearance: Caius is a man of normal height, and broad built shoulders. He maintains a full head of black hair with buzzed sides, hiding his salted temples. His eyes are an ice blue, with flecks of honey. Around his cheekbones and eyes, remain many scars from an incident many years ago, leaving him with a skull like visage. He maintains a close cropped goatee with streaks of silver in it. On the side of his neck are the words "Memento Mori" hiding just below the collar. His hands are leathery and strong.

Personality: While younger, Caius was a brash individual who used to brawl stranger when drunk. After years of being put in his place, he maintains a disdain for powerful people, but respects all of his fellow pilots. He was quick to react with action but, after his incident, tries to think before he leaps. Old habits die hard though. Not much of a socialite outside his crew, he is generally seen as moody, but his fellow crew members know him to be jovial when the time for war comes, and he is safe in his titan. He tries to instill confidence in his younger peers, but lacks confidence in his own leadership abilities.

Background: Voidborn to the Exorcist Grand Cruiser the Indomitable Reaper Caius was raised and groomed to be a sensorium crew member. He started off as a gun crew, and slowly worked his way up until he became the sensorium chief. Soon after the Indomitable Reaper became disbanded and he was selected to attend the Collegio Titanicus where he passed in the top 30% of his class. His first assignment was as the right moderati, to the Sword of Gryphonne for almost 12 years, until it's princeps was killed in a fight with a Chaos Warhound trio. Thankfully he was not conscious to witness the tragic death of a glorious titan, because his sensorium visor overloaded burning out his eyes and leaving him unconscious. He woke up in the med bay to find he had the eyes of his former princeps surgically inserted into him. To this day he avoids looking at his reflection, to be reminded of his shame. His fellow surviving crew members went on to become princeps of their own titans, while he remained a right moderati, vowing to make amends for hi mentors death. He was transferred to the Auratus Salvator to replace the loss of their right moderati approximately 5 years ago, and has happily served under Princeps Isabelle Acantha.

Position: Right moderati, Volcano Cannon

Hopefully the spot is open and the cs is good.
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Shoot, just based my character off of the characters on page one. Didnt realize the RM was taken...nooo...well Reever, I guess put me where ever there is space if possible. I honestly does not matter what position.
Sadly all the positions on the Reaver are taken by myself, Dark Angel, Unxpekted and Darius.

You could start a new Warhound though, although it would mean you couldn't have the Volcano Cannon as that's a Reaver only weapon I believe.
Yeah I know. Hopefully the warhound isn't full....I was doing the math but I dunno if the have 3 moderati or 2. Its is a considerably smaller titan.
My warhound is also full, as it stands you'll need to start crewing the remaining warhound, which still needs a full crew.
He could be the princeps of the remaining warhound, perhaps, if no one else posts a CS
I'll stick around on standby. May have to if no one shows up by action thread
Right, so sorry for the wait but the action thread is now up.

aherrera305, if your still interested then you will need to make a different character since the only space is the second warhound. However due to a lack of crew I won't be able to include you in the action yet.

Will also be updating the first post in the morning.
My post is 2/3rds written. Sorry, I was writing and then life got a bit manic. You should expect it up tonight.
Awesome, now we'll just be waiting on the princeps
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