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Engine Kill

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Across the galaxy the Imperium of Man fights wars on every front, few of those worse than against the greenskin menace of the Orks. Not to be taken lightly in any number, when enough Orks gather they inevitably form what is known as a WAAAGH and reduce dozens of worlds to ruin. One of these WAAAGH's, led by the Ork warlord Ghazkhull Thraka, has engulfed the vitally important system of Armageddon. Located within Segmentum Solar, the Armageddon system has vital warp routes that must be protected at all costs.

It is the year 942 of M41 an while the main source of fighting is on the world of Armageddon itself, Thraka's forces had spread themselves throughout neighboring systems and further weakened imperial support throughout the region. Within the Calveus systems lies the forgeworld of Midlais, whose production of weapons and armour are vital to mans effort in pushing back the greenskins. While space superiority above Midlais is hotly contested between the Orks and imperial navy, the true war is being fought on the ground.

Arrayed against the Orks are five regiments of Cadian shock troops, two regiments of Mordian iron guard, two Narmeniam armoured regiments, elements of the Ultramarines fifth company, and a elements of the Legio Gryphonicus.

Howdy everyone, welcome to Engine Kill; my attempt to do something a bit different than many might be used to. You are members of the legio gryphonicus, the war griffons, and it is to be your job to break the back of the Orks on Midlais and return to the task at hand in throwing Thraka off Armageddon. However, though your all war griffons don't think this means your all going to be piloting your own titans.

No, in this RP you will be the crew, some of you princeps and others their moderati.

-As GM my decision is final, if you feel their is an issue then PM me. Trying to make a public spectacle of things is an easy way to ruin the fun for yourself and everyone else.

-Death is possible, and remember that its not just your life on the line should that occur.

-Each crew is a team, divided you will get nowhere.

-No godmodding, just because you think you know what is better for the story than me doesn't mean its going to fly.

-If you have questions feel free to PM me, you never know what information or allowance that may give.

-Looking for a minimum of eight sentences per action thread post.

-PM me if your unable to post for a while or need to leave, nothing gets on my bad-side worse than someone who doesn't have any courtesy.

Right now I am looking for two warhounds and a reaver, though if theres enough interest more warhound and reavers may become available.

Character sheet:
Name - [Rather self explanatory]
Age - [A warhound princeps will be between the ages of 30 and 45, a reaver princeps between 40 and 75, moderati 20 to 60 depending on titan]
Appearance - [what do you look like?]
Personality - [What are you like? Remember that the crew of a warhound can be more impulsive and rash while a reaver crew is more arrogant or reserved]
Background - [All characters are either void born or hail from the legio's forgeworld of Gryphonne IV]
Position - Princeps, left moderati, right moderati, forward moderati (reaver only)

Princeps - The main control of the titan, a player who takes the role of princeps is the one who determines the general appearance of that titan. In game he/she is the one who controls the titans movement and on occasions can take control of weapon systems. The princeps is also the only one who can communicate with other princeps. [A player taking the role of princeps gets to name the titan.]

Left moderati - Operator of the left weapons system and shielding, a player who takes the role of left moderati chooses the left weapon system. In game he/she controls the left weapon and can regulate where power is drawn to on titan. (This includes reducing power from weapons to regain shields, for example.)

Right moderati - Operator of the right weapons system and sensorium, a player who takes this role chooses the right weapon system. In game he/she controls the right weapon and the titans sensor system, it is his/her job to inform the rest of the crew of threats/danger. (Though it may not be prudent to report some things.)

Forward moderati - Operator of a reavers carapace weapon system and ground coordinator. A player who takes this role chooses the reavers carapace weapon system. In game he/she controls the carapace weapon and coordinates the objectives/orders of the skitarii forces under the reaver crews command. Skitarii forces are a total of four hundred tech guard and one hundred fifty praetorians mounted within various transports and carriers.

Warhound weapon options:
Plasma-blastgun, inferno gun, turbo-laser, vulcan mega-bolter, chainblade with integrated double autocannon or double heavy bolter array

Reaver weapon options:
Arms - powerfist with built in quad heavy bolter array, gatling blaster, laser blaster, melta cannon, volcano cannon (may not be equipped on both arms)
Carapace -apocalypse missile launcher, plasma blastgun, turbo-laser, vulcan megabolter

And I do believe that is it for now. A word of advice, you are going to be working in teams so it would likely be a good idea to team up with others and work on your characters together somewhat.

Reaver titan Auratus Salvator
Dark Angel as princeps Isabelle Acantha
Deus Mortis as moderati Elijah Dobesh
unxpekted22 as moderati Rusilay Cartillisto

Warhound titan
Nacho Libre as moderati Erinyes Persyne
Oldman78 as moderati Varben Hesh
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I was so hoping Engine Kill would be titans! I'm in, for the first time in ages. Will work a sheet up today.
I'm looking to write up a Warhound princeps CS if anyone is interested in joining the crew.
Moderati Erinyes reporting for duty.
Well then, welcome to the crew of the Canis Rex, Moderati.

PM me your character ideas if you want, and I'll do the same.

Anyone else want to join the Rex?
Awesome. Though I guess you two will need to sort between you as to who takes the left or right side.
As Darkreever said in the opener, you pick the weapons. Go with what weapon you like best, long as they're different ideally, though I can't say I'd complain if one of you picked up a vulcan mega bolter ^^

But yeah, that's the crew done, just me to get a sheet up now!
Apologies for the delay, had to drive all the way to London to pick my sister up for a surprise visit home. Will have my CS up in the next few hours!
Name: Kaiden Talivera

Age: 43

Appearance: Lean, pale and predatory. Three words that would readily and accurately describe Kaiden Talivera to anyone who should ask. Standing at five foot nine, Kaiden is not particularly tall, but this does nothing to diminish his appearence or prescence. His skin is the pale, white palour, characteristic of one born in the deep void of space. His raven hair is wild, but not unkempt, still befitting that of a princeps. Almost the entire right side of his face, save his mouth, nose and chin, is covered by a gold plate, smooth and polished to a mirror sheen, it is a striking as is it distracting. His right eye is a solid shining amethyst augmetic, his remaining human eye a glacial blue. He wears a matte black reinforced bodyglove with golden piping and detailing, the badge of the Legio Gryphonicus emblazoned on his left pectoral.

Personality: As with many Warhound princeps, Kaiden is eager, impulsive and seemingly on edge and alert. Some have described in the past as wolfish or in more whispered voices feral. Constantly on the move when not in his titan, seemingly unable to stay still for any lasting measurement of time, his human eye constantly moving, taking in his surroundings and situation, potential targets and threats. There have been talks that he is too closely linked to the machine spirit of his titan, having been much more reserved and controlled before his elevation to princeps of the Rex. Kaiden himself does not believe he will ever advance to a larger titan class nor does he care, his traits making him an excellent Warhound princeps, but suitable for little else. He is comfortable in the knowledge that if this is the best way he can serve the God-Emperor of mankind, then that must be what he is intended for in this life.

Background: Born on one of the colossal transports of the Mechanicus used to transport the awesome might of the Legios, Kaiden was the result of an affair with a senior moderati and a ships officer. The opening years of his life were spent aboard the ship as it traveled to various warzones, but after his mother was killed in action, his father became ever distant and made the eventual decision to send him away to the Legios homeworld of Gryphonne IV to be inducted into the Collegia Titanica, where he was to follow in the footsteps of his mother before him, the footsteps of a titan.

He excelled in training, born to the role, titans and their warfare had been all he had ever known. Instead of nursery rhymes, he had battle reports, where other children watched holo dramas, he saw footage of war. Confident, yet reserved and cautious, Kaiden was picked out by the masters of the Legio as a new moderati to the already veteran crew of the Canis Rex. Under the watchful eye of Princeps Ullerio and his fellow Moderati Natalya Sakura, Kaiden learnt the ways of warfare from the seat of a Warhound. Learning every details of the mighty machine, every tick, nuance and vibration, he and the others became a worthy and able crew.

After over a decade of highly commended service, Ullerio informed him that he had been picked as potential successor to the venerable Princeps himself, who rumour had it, was soon to be promoted to the command of a Reaver. Before it could come to pass however, the Rex took enormous damage in battle against another engine of the lost and damned traitor Legios, the crew compartment crushed to almost fatal levels. Fatal indeed for Ullerio and Natalya. Kaiden survived, but did not emerge unscathed. The right side of his body took multiple blunt force trauma injuries. He lost most of his face on the right side, as well as his right arm and lung. The Mechanicum repaired the damage to his body and his titan. His Titan. Upon his and the Rex's recovery, he was placed in command as it's new Princeps.

He has served under Princeps Isabelle Acantha for the last six years and is comfortable under her command and confident in her abilities, her illustrious career as a Warhound princeps herself being well known to him. Whilst he now has over a decade of experience as a veteran Warhound princeps, multiple engine kills and a fine crew, the effects of his link to the Canis Rex and the circumstances that lead to his injuries have had a profound change on his character. His effectiveness in combat is unquestionable and unwavering though, and with war once again bathing the world of Armageddon in blood, he stands ready to serve the Imperium and crush it's enemies.

Position: Princeps, Warhound Class.

Titan: Canis Rex, Warhound, Mars Pattern.

Description: Painted in the colours of the Legio Gryphonica, the Rex is bold and defiant, the dappled grey contrasting with the proud yellow and gold trim of the war engine. The plasma blastgun painted with distinct black and yellow warning chevrons, as if anyone needed to be made aware of the immense leathiality of the weapon. A gold Aquilla is emblazoned on the left leg, the right bearing the sigil of the Legio.
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So, just one more for the crew of the Auratus, and we'll have two engines ready to mobilise!
My warhound is also full, as it stands you'll need to start crewing the remaining warhound, which still needs a full crew.
I'll have my post up tomorrow, was going to write a colab post with dark angel, but was pretty ill over the weekend and never quite managed to get on at the same time. So yep, post will go up tomorrow, apologies for delay!
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