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empire halberds

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so i have been looking at alot of empire army lists and i always see these guys as detachments hardly ever parent units?

is there a specific reason for this the pros for me of the halberds outrank that of a swordsman. we are hitting on 4+ with most of our core choices anyway so that ws4 to me becomes a bit pointless where as a group of str4 halberds with shields for the same price seems pretty tasty considering they can now fight in two ranks!

so basicaly am i missing something here for me being able to hit on a 4+ and usually wound on a 4+ is better than a 4+ 5+

obviously theres the fact of initiative but were usually hitting last anyway ...?
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see thats what i was thinking perhaps my next blob unit will be some halberds ill let you know if they fair better lol
sorry for the late reply but have been away playing with swords all weekend... :)

how was the block of halberd you made did they all go in unison? and yes its swung it for me alot i am going to try it soon in a game with a nice horde of say 40 ? as i saw them really come into there own even just at 10 strong! ill probly mix it up a bit and ill purchase some free company soon enough

thanks for all your replies :)
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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