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Can anyone tell (or show, preferably) me what, exactly, you get on the Empire Free Company sprue(s)? Or, for that matter, the Handgunner/Crossbowmen sprue(s)?

One of the more frustrating developments of GW in recent years is their tendancy towards not telling you exactly what you're getting when you buy a boxed set or miniature...when I buy a model or box, I don't really want to see a fully assembled and painted unit on the box/website, because when I buy a box of, say, Empire Hangunners/Crossbowmen, I know I'm going to get a unit of Handgunners/Crossbowmen (and roughly what that will look like...you know, a bunch of guys holding guns/x-bows). What I'd like to know is exactly what I'm getting because I heavily convert my models for individuality, but apparantly, GW don't want me to do that because they won't let on what they're selling!

Anyway, rant aside, I'd appreciate any help on the matter.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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