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this is the list i will be taking tomorrow against a skaven army hope it works :)

Lord: - (505)
Arch Lector of Sigmar (215 points)
+1 hammer
heavy armour
wyrmslayer sword
aldreds casket of sorcery
helm of the ratslayer

wizard lord (290 points)
level 4
rod of power
armour of tarnus

Heroes: - (406)
captain of the empire (100 points)
Armour of Meteoric Iron

captain of the empire (71 points)
heavy armour
sword of battle

battle wizard (150 points)
lvl 2
dispell scroll
dragon bow

master engineer (85 points)
hochland long rifle

Core: - (975)
25 Swordsmen (275 points)
Full Command

10 Halbediers
10 Halbediers

40 Spearmen (420 points)
Full Command

10 handgunners
10 handgunners

10 archers(80 points)

20 flagellants (200 points)

Special: - (389)
Great Cannon (100 points)

Great Cannon (100 points)

Mortar (75 points)

5 pistoliers (114 points)
Outrider w/ repeater pistol

Hellblaster (110 points)

hellstorm (115)


basic plan is the block of spearman will defend the main section of my artillery (mortar and hellstorm) and the captain will go with this block to hold the line and give a bit more power

the arch lector and bsb go with my swordsman they will be there to give ld and rerolls or go hunting for any enemy magic casters whose spells are being a nuisance

master engineer will either go with a cannon or the mortar not decided which

the wizard lord goes with the pistoliers to give him some run around blasting fireballs and other burny mayhem around the back of the board and the lvl 2 wizard goes with the archers to defend the back of my gunline

flagellants tarpit as usual

and cannons make things go boom any questions?

cheers for the time all c&c welcome :)
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