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It is well-known and time-proved fact that individualistic and fractious tendencies are extremely detrimental to any field army, which is exactly primary disposition of Astartes Legion.
You assume every Legion was designed to be fielded as an army.

The Raven Guard are noted to definitely not like this. Corvus had a parting of ways with Horus when Horus demanded to be fielded as such.

Also, originally, the World Eaters were equally worried about logistics and strategy as any other Legion, as per Betrayer. It wasn't until the implantation of the Nails that they started falling apart. And that's hardly the Emperor's fault.

The Vth Legion managed to fight with both the Imperial Army and other Legions without too much trouble. Surely less than, say, the Alpha Legion. If anything, I think their mix of personal initiative and tactical flexibility was an asset for their method of war.
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