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alright jaws gave me the idea with his post to write up my 2500 battle report i had with necron last thursday.
So i played a Necron Player who i have played before multiple times with my old list back when i played nurgle he remembered my list from then and even after i showed him my new list i guess he spaced out and didnt expect what i did.
My List
2500 Emperors Champion

6 squads of noise marines 5 man with blast master and a champion with a power sword and a doom siren the squad in a rhino.

3 havoc squads 5 man 4 lascannons

2 daemon princes with MoS with lash and wings

2 chosen squads 5 man with a lascannon

Necron List

3 monoliths

lord with res orb and war sythe with invul and some sort of spell

night bringer

2 immortal squads 10 man

2 necron warriors squads 10 man

4 destroyers

1 scarab squad 10 with disruption fields

Alright he got first turn and the game is anhilation standard deployment

Deployment so i mentioned earlier how he was expecting my useual strategy which is kill his warriors and faze him out. so he deployed all of his stuff on his cornor side the 3 monoliths in front 12 in deployment all his warriors and immortals behind them and night bringer behind a rock. he put his 4 man destroyer squad and scarabs at the opposite cornor far left at 12 inch deployment. i placed my stuff against the board edge on my cornor opposite from the monoliths and across from the destroyers. a rock mountain at the cornor where i placed my 3 havocs and 2 chosen squads on top of it for maximum range and line of sight. i had my 2 daemon prince next to them and 2 squads of noise marines next to them. the other 4 squads were at the board edge.

Necron first turn
monoliths move up 6 everything behind it aswell.
the scarabs turbo boost 24 inches at the foot of the rock mountain where my havocs and chosen where at hiding them at the base so they were not exposed to fire from the 4 other squads of noise marines and in the hopes of his 2+ cover saves. he moves his destroyers 10 inches and fires his 3 shots each S6 shots he rolls he gets 8 hits and 6 wounds on a havoc squad i roll the 3+ making 5 of 6 i pull the only guy with out a lascannon from the squad of 5, End.

My turn i disembark on squad of chosen move them up 6 inches around the rock mountain where the scarabs are in a perfect line bundle. i move my rhino up 12 inches and disembarked towards the destroyers who are at least 22 inches away. i fly both princes up towards the destroyers. now its time to shot. i fire all 3 havoc squads 12 lascannon shots at the leading monolith 7 hit out of 6 dice 2 pen and the damage chart roll was a 1 and a 2 shitty rolls doing nothing, fired both chosens squads lascannons both did nothing my other 4 noise marines could see anything to shoot other than the monoliths but S8 wont kill the lith so i didnt do anything. now my noise marines next to the scarabs fire the doom siren S5 ap3 template hitting all 10 scarabs now the scarabs are swarm so each template hit counts as 2 wounds instead of 1 no cover saves. i roll the 10 dice 8 dice hit he gets no armor saves so he has 10 scarabs left 6 with 1 of 3 wounds 4 with 2 wounds. i fired the bolt pistols and the blast masters assualt shots doing nothing becasue of their saves. now my princes both use lash on the destroyers the first one got 10 inches and the second got 7 moving them 17 inches towards my other noise marine squad that had disembarked from the rhino after moving 12 making them 4 inches from the squad who cant assualt but is paking the doom siren and blast master and the doom siren, i fired the doom siren hitting all 4 they were all wounded on 4 they dont get armor saves so they just die now for assualt the noise marines that shot the scarabs assualt them going first at I 5 4 attacks with my champion with power sword he gets 2 hits and 2 wounds then 12 attacks they got 7 hits and 4 wounds he puts the 2 power sword attacks on 2 of the four that have 2 wounds then he rolls saves for the 4 wounds he fails all of them he pulls off 2 models putting him at 8 but each one has 3 attacks back he rolls 24 dice he get 14 hits he rolls for wounds he gets 7 wounds i roll my 3+ i get 6 he kills one model, he is fearless and lost combat he rolls 5 dice and get 2 saves but loses 3 more scarabs putting the quad at 5 models. end of turn.

End of First turn, they necron player is freaking out because he lost almost 2 squads and he only killed 2 of my models which total to 35 points. he is now scared but laughed at my attempt to kill the monolith.

Necron 2 turn
he moves the monoliths and the rest of his stuff up the board and pulls the deciever out from cover. he checks the range of the particle whip on my rhino but is 4 inches out. the night bringer is 4 inches out of his 12 inch S8 ap1 shot, now for the combat i attack with my champion 3 dice rolling 2 hits and 1 wound then my squad 6 dice 4 hits 2 wounds. he takes one off then rolls 2 armor save but fails both so he is down to 2 models he attacks back 6 attacks 3 hit no wounds he rolls fearless rolls he fails both i consolidate towards the rock mountain.

My turn i move my 2 princes for ward both behind cover and out of range for lash on the night bringer, i fired 12 shots at one monolith 8 hits 2 pens and 2 glances i roll the pens i get a 4 and a 6 the SOB blows up, then i roll the other 2 shots with the chosen squad at another monolith 1 hits i roll a 6 to pen then i roll a 6 boom another monolith blows up then i fired 6 blast master shots at the night bringer 5 hit he makes enough saves that puts him at 1 wound left .End of turn

End of 2 turn and he wants to quit but i encourage him to play 1 more turn just to see if i can anihlate him on the third he agrees.

Necron turn
he moves the remainder of his stuff up 6 inches his last monolith towards my noise marines rhinos he checks range and is an inch short of range.he checks assualt range with his night bringer but is an inch short foir my rhino.end

My turn i move my 2 princes up lash his immortal squad out away from his lords res orb towards my princes i moved the 14 inches towards me putting them 1 inch away from them, then i fire 12 lascannons at his last monolith and get 7 hits with 2 pins no glances i roll a 2 and a 5 and its wrecked. then i fire my chosen at the mono lith both hit both wound he rolls and fails 1 invul the night bringer is dead. i fire 6 blast masters at his other immortal squadwith the lord i hit 4 shots 4 guys under the template each shot making 16 dice rolls i get 14 wounds he uses the resorb to 4+ save them he makes 8 saves he loses 7 immortals in his second squad. i assualt with the daemon princes against the other immortal squad i have 8 attacks i have 1 miss and i wound 5 guys they die he has 5 attacks hits 2 and fails to wound he takes leadership they fail we roll for sweeping advance he fails i whipe the squad.End

End of 3 turn he still wants to quit but i dont want him to so we play 1 more turn.

Necron Turn

he fires his 4 immortals at 1 daemon prince he hits 6 then wounds 3 i roll my 3+ and fail all 3 rolling 1, then he rapid fires my other prince with a squad of warriors and wounds me 5 times i roll 3 saves and take 2 wounds.End

My turn

i disembark all of my noise marines move them up 6 inches then i move my daemon prince 12 inches next to them, i lash both his remainding 2 10 man squads of necron warriors and pull them both clustered together next to my noise marines i shot 2 doom sirens at one squad hitting all 10 twice 20 dice i roll i roll 14 wounds no saves. the squad is whiped then i fire the other 2 doom sirens at the other squad killing it down to 1 guy then i fired the 2 blast masters 2 shots each assualt S5 he take 2 wounds he passes both then from across the map i fired a blast master heavy S8 ap3 shot i hit and i wound. now i shot his remainding 4 immortals and lord with 12 lascannons i hit 9 times and wounded 8 the squad dies out right and his lord fails his save and suffers instant death.End

End of 4 i army killed him only losing 2 marines and suffering 3 wounds on 1 daemon prince and 2 on another. we messed around and see if his lord could make his will be back roll but he failed. but yea thats the game a flawless victory for chaos.


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Good win, the Necron player deserved to lose with a list like that. Glad someone taught him a lesson.
oh yea he was taught a lesson.
i dont play necs so i dont know what a good list is but i do think that 5th edition really nurfed necron. cant kill vehicles on glances anymore.

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id like to add, that is the only game i have ever tried to kill a monolith or the night bringer and i built my list to slaughter his. and really it is almost impossible to kill both.
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