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What exactly are you using the Land Raider for? At first glance and ignoring all of the other posts, it doesn't seem to have a use.

I would keep the Predator if it had more dakka, but it doesn't so I would drop it. If you are battling Tyranids, singular lascannon shots really do you anything. With 'Nids, I find that more guns is always the answer.

As others have said, I would drop the Chaos Lord in favor of a Daemon Prince, but I would keep him if he had a Jump Pack. +D6 attacks with the Blissgiver would be great as a support option for your infantry.

If you are indeed going up against 'Nids, the two CSM squads with their vehicle-cracking meltas aren't doing you anything either. Drop them in favor of more Noise Marines. With your Noise Marines, drop the Doom Siren unless you are dedicating them as assault units to clear objectives. If you are going for a gunline army, use the Sonic Blaster/Blastmaster combo and mow down swathes of 'Nids. The ultimate pest control.

By dropping the other two CSM squads, and the Land Raider, you could take four squads of Noise Marines. I would do that for sure. And for a gunline army, you could drop the Rhinos as well.

Lastly, the poor, lonely Vindicator. I would give him a buddy. Maybe even two buddies. You *might* be able to squeeze in a third Vindicator.
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