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Cheese meister;647430]This is my first post ever i recently brought imperial armour 8 and have decided on starting an elysian army :p so here it goes
Hey Man, always nice to see a new IG General:victory:

I'm also building an Elysian Force but don't have IA8 yet. I'm guessing they have just brought them more into line with the IG Codex...better options/cheaper points costs, etc. I'm also going for a more-rounded Force with Tauros's. Drop Sentinels, etc....OK I admit it, I just want more Toys:biggrin:

Lord Commisar power weapon

Veteran squad carapace armour lascutter
3 meltas all the rest have aux grenade launcher +

Valkaryie with lascannon and 2 rocket pods
(have 2 of these sqauds)

and 2 finish it off 6 vendettas split into 3 sqauds

I have seen 1500 pt Air-Cav lists with 2 Valks/4 Vendis, and each one has either a CCS or Vet Squad in it. Surely the Elysians aren't that much more expensive than the IG Codex as to not be able to get more Units into the Skimmers....that's the whole point of the list - Drop Infantry.

I also suggest dropping 2 Vendettas and getting more Squads.

Anyhoo, my 2c...cheers!

Also, not sure if a Imperial Armour has different force organization charts, but I believe you can only have 3 fast attack squads.
Yes, it is different...well, insofar as Valkyries can be 'dedicated transports' so don't take up a FOC slot.
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