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Elf Model Question (High Elf/Wood Elf)

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Alright so here's the deal: I have some High Elf Archer kneeling legs, and Wood Elf torsos. By the scale, it looks to me that high elves are waaaaaay bigger than the Glade Guard. Is there a proportion issue if I stick said torso onto said legs, or are they both the same sized models (roughly) and I'm just seeing things? I don't play either army, so I have no way of comparing them to each other. So High Elf/Wood Elf collectors, I'll need some assistance here
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I think the clothing is deceptive, if I recall the wood elves have slimmer waists due to more form fitting or tighter leathery clothing, where the high elves have lose wavey robes, so they just look allot bulkier, in my mind I don't see the two sets being compatible, but only really one way of finding out.
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