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Oi! I'm going to have to turn in my green skin for telling spacy panzies how to fight orks. So lets look at what he is bringing for a moment. It will depend on points but at 800 to 1200 points if he take Ghazie and 15 lootas that is half or over half his army right there. Now throw in some more expensive nobs, these will be troops because of ghazie, three deffkoptas and there is not a whole lot of room for boyz.

So it will be a small ork army. This is good for you because the way to beat it is with speed. Jet bikes, war walkers, warp spiders, striking scorpions are all good. Throw in a few missle platforms and some cheap troops are you will be ready to go.

The big threats to your army are the lootas and the deffkoptas. The deffkoptas because they have speed like you and lootas because they have lots of long range fire power. However, both can be taken care of very easy. Shot them with everything that can reach them then assualt them as soon as possible. If they are being assualted they can't shoot. Orks also have low leadership so dropping below 10 models means leadership checks and usually both of these units will run away if they aren't destroyed.

Ghasie is tough and can deliver a nast 12 inch charge into assault. His big disadvantage is that unless he is mounted in a truck, looted wagon or battlewagon he has to walk. His mega armor makes him slow and purposeful meaning he rolls to see how far he can move. The bonus for you is anyone that joins him moves as slow as he does. The easy way to deal with him is leave him along shoot everything else like the boyz that will benefit from his waagh. Stay away from Ghazie until him or his unit is pretty much alone then hit him with all your missle lauchers and warwalker weapons and just start making him take wounds. Only fight him if you have to and can not run away from him.

I feel so dirty right now.
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