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One thing to bear in mind is that at 800pts the Orks are going to be winning most Ork.vs.Eldar fights, even with choices other than the (shite) battleforce you are going to have a hard time.

As stated your best bet is speed and outranging the nastier elements, the issue you are going to have is getting enough into your army to win.

With the battleforce you at least have a war walker - this will help, if you can afford it then a second would be invaluable and will likely find a place in your future larger army (if you choose to collect one). Eldar's strong points are its HQ and HS slots. Equip the war walkers either to blow away the kopters or to kill a lot of boyz, your best bet with orks is to try and "dice" them, lots of shots is going to help you - Shuriken Cannons are my preference. Maybe SC/BL on the walkers, then you can use them for both.

The battleforce WS will be helpful, either fill it with scorpions or the DAs also in the box, again, if you have the spare cash then a box more of DAs will be used in nearly every army you make - this serpent can be equiped to blow stuff apart from range, then fly in endgame and capture an objective by dropping the DAs out. Personally I would run it stripped down as you need your points, but its up to you to experiment with upgrades based on your play style.

For HQ, either take your Autarch as a nice cheap option, or consider a Farseer to doom choice targets, this will make your dice generating units even more effective.

Jetbike would be handy, but there arent any in the battleforce, they would give you more capturing troops and more SC.

Reapers aren't imho very useful against orks as the AP is not needed, however they will still be effective at ranged killing which is how you need to fight.

The scorpions I would ignore, they will suffer against the Orks superior CC skills. Points for points these won't help you.

If you must take guardians then give them another SC to lay shots down.

As for tactics Morfangdakka hit the nails on the head, the real threat will be the defkopters messing up your plan, blow them away then run circles around the orks, keep them at distance and make sure they don't get within charge distance. NEVER FORGET THE WAAGH - one bad turn and all your choice units will be in combat and that is a bad thing.

If you can stretch to it then more DA and a second WS will make everything soo much easier, I remember when me and friend who also plays Eldar both upgraded to two WS and 20 DA - our games changed forever and nearly every army starts with them - that and fireprisms but that is because they are the reason I play Eldar :p
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