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Eldar vs Necrons

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Hello, I am fairly new to playing eldar. And I've discovered as being ancient enemy's of the necrons and all that
jazz it is pretty hard to win against them. I'd be very happy if anybody could give tips to fighting the necrons as eldar.

Something like:
What units I should bring
What units I should be killing quick

Thank you very much! :)

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I'm going to say it: bring D-weapons and fast, hard hitting, high volume of fire units. Jetbikes with scatlasers comes to mind. Also warp spiders are a must (altough after the latest draft faq, they are less OP)
With these you will pwn not only necrons, mind you, but also anybody else!
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I totally support your take on rangers: they are a fun and underused unit. Just remember that if you just want to win, a D-weapon platform is just better...
Howewver, since many players hate eldars for the fact of bringing D-weapons to a skirmish game, you could totally have a better reputation by using non-OP units.
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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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