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I tried to max out my squad numbers for once, and pick a bunch of different units. I had no idea what he was going to pull out on me this time, so a just kept a good mix of everything. He ended up taking a frickin armored company, which I didn't think I was prepared for. I thought I was goin gto get completely massacred.. Main reason? The board was 4'x4', and my side only had a single piece of terrain, being a 6" wide two-floor building. I had nothing with a transport and aside from the Falcon's pulse laser, had no armor hitting potential outside 24". There was some chuckles from him and I knew he was going to sit back and destroy my low-armored troops standing in the open.
The lists were as follows.

My Eldar:
TROOP-10 Rangers(pathfinder upgraded)
TROOP-10 Dire Avengers
ELITE-10 Striking Scorpions(exarch/claw)
ELITE-10 Howling Banshees(exarch/executioner)
ELITE-10 Fire Dragons(exarch/pike)
HEAVY-3 D-Cannons
HEAVY-Wraithlord(twin-flamers, wraithsword)
HEAVY-Falcon(starcannon, vectored engines, holo-field)

The Marines:
HQ-Master(power weapon, t honors, stormbolter, in Troop A Rhino)
HQ-Captain(power fist, t honors, bolter, in Troop B Rhino)
TROOPA-10 Tactical Marines (1 flamer, 8 CC marines, Rhino)
TROOPB-10 Tactical Marines (Veteran/power fist, 8 CC marines, Rhino)
ELITE-5 Terminators(assaultcannon/heavy flamer/powersword, Land Raider)
ELITE-Dreadnaught(assault cannon/heavy flamer/fist)
ELITE-Dreadnaught(lascannons/missile launcher)
HEAVY-8 Devastators(PlasmaCan, HvyBolter, MisLaunch, MultiMelta, Rhino)
HEAVY-Predator Destructor(autocannon/Heavy Bolters)

Here's where I grit my teeth, ready to lose my falcon on the first turn and be in serious trouble. I have only went first in 1 of my last 20 or so games, which is pretty fucking sad. So...
Rolling for turn, he rolls a 5 and I'm screwed. I roll and get ready to get shot...A 6! A mother-loving 6! Ho ho in your face Emperor, I can run towards the minor hills in front of me, which is only really good to hide behind for a short time.

Banshees hide in the ground floor of the building, with the rangers in the upper floor. Fire dragons move & flank the right side behind the striking scorpions, who infiltrated about 16" away from my opponent behind a cliff-type hill. Scorpions stay put save Karandras, who I make a REALLY daring move and try to run him across the hill alone and through terrain.(We decided it was a 6+ save and could be shot completely across, but still difficult to walk across.) He rolls his 3 dice. 1, 2, 6! He hustles 6" forward, but thats just the beginning of his risky rolls to get to the enemy.

Wraithlord walks and flanks left to semi-shield the platforms, dire avengers with Asurmen move up the center with no cover.
The Falcon moves 8" over and fires at the vindicator. 5 to hit, 6 to penetrate, 6! and it annihilates. Sweet cuppin cakes...

The platforms shoot max range and scatter directly sideways touching the AssCan/Fist dreadnaught and the other templates hit his Destructor. Completely by accident, as I was trying to hit the raider.(He started everything at exactly 24" to tease me, but blasts give me that inch an a half. Muahaha...) The dreadnaught is pen'd with a 6 and annihilated with another 6. Wow shooting is doing great.. The destructor is glanced and its autocannon is blown off. Finally, the rangers fire at a rhino. 4 get AP1 shots and 5 regular hits. No rolls to do anything except 1 AP1 shot rolls boxcars, or 6's for you young folks. Penetrated! I make the roll.. Stormbolter is destroyed. boo hiss.
Here's the bread in butter.. Karandras rolls Fleet of Foot... 6"! Ohh man, he's nearly across the hill now, only 1" from the edge and 2" from the LasCan/MisLaunch dreadnaught. No other assaults, I roll for Karandras... A 6! First turn assault for the eldar-assassin-with-a-powerfist. He gets hit and wounded twice from the dread, and makes both 2+ saves. He then destroys it with ease and move forward next to a rhino.

Enemy turn. I lose 3 avengers from the land raider and take a wound from the Destructor's heavy bolters on my wraithlord. The rhino next to karandras disembarks and dumps their flamer and pistols into him. 11 wounds. To my shouts and my opponents as well, all 11 are saved! 13 saves for him so far. He assaults karandras, dealing only 6 wounds. The eternal warrior of the scorpions rolls 6 saves... ALL 2+! He takes no wounds... Now attacking with the captain with another fist with two attacks and his other five at the squad(We agreed the rulebook's description of IC's being separate squads in CC meant and allowed the splitting of attacks to hit them, only for the models in base-to-base).
Both hit and kill the Captain outright, and 4 hits and wounds/kills on the squad. His fist hits and wounds karandras, dropping him to 2 wounds. The squad falls back and karandras stalks them anew.
(And now, a faster report!)
A few turns of back and forth and all resisted but 1 avenger and Asurmen getting killed, a single banshee gets picked off, and a single fire dragon. The raider moves up and dumps his termies close to my avengers, which is what waxed them so good. The wraithlord assaults the destructor and destroys it. The d-cannons eventually lock the land raider down for 2 turns and destroy it. The termies are almost wiped out by 3 avengers and Asurmen's Bladestorms, and the last two are killed off by fire dragons. Another rhino is penetrated and destroyed by ranger fire. It's occupants were killed off by the explosion and by the Falcon and the Bladestorming Avengers before they were destroyed. The Master and veteran fall back....Into karandras, who survives until the very last turn, running rampant through the armored lines. The veteran missed every attack, the master hits four times with his sword and wounds once! Karandras smotes them both and moves into cover...
Where he is promptly gunned down by the devastator squad on the final turn, who are then assault by the full-strength scorpions and completely wiped out in the first turn of assault. The last turn the banshees actually left cover to do nothing.

The result? A completely wiped out Marine force, save an immobilized Rhino with no stormbolter.
My remains? A wraithlord with 1 wound lost, a complete D-cannon battery, a complete ranger squad, 9 dragons with exarch, 8 scorpions with exarch, 9 banshees with exarch, asurmen with 1 avenger, and an untouched falcon.
A complete massacre!

Karandras's end tally(I most definitely kept track!)
1 Dreadnaught with TL lascannons and missile launcher
1 Master
1 Captain
1 Veteran Sergeant
1 Rhino
10 CC marines.
He makes 22 armor saves before he drops, after losing two power wounds.

Glorious Victory for the elf-kind. Both of our tactics were pretty sound, mine being REALLY based on lucky daring moves. He had a solid defensive line but I just kept penetrating his vehicles with my small amount of long range hitting, and his saves and to-hits were just terrible.
This game was 90% lucky rolls on my part.

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Sounds like one of those games where you just know both you and your opponent will be talking about it for weeks to come, and for different reasons, lol. Good show, and just goes to show that one shouldn't gloat in advance of a win just because the armies seem to be mismatched.

I'm glad to see that your daring paid off. Good report Wrath of Khaine!

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He did a little more than ruin the Marines HQ at any rate..... and a Dreadnought :laugh: Loyalists were fooled and butchered :laugh:

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Great Report!

Can anyone give me a breakdown of Karandras profile. I noticed he has the 2+ save. Is that an invuln save or just regular? Any other information would be awesome. Thanks


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Awesome report there and congrats on the win.

Asurman is the only Phoenix lord with and Invul Save, Although Karrandas can seriously put out some great CC stuff, he/she can be taken down if the enemy strikes appropriately.

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I enjoyed reading that, karandras was a brute in that game, whats his stats ive never played against him ?
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