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Eldar take top left quadrant, I'm in lower right.
Eldar force- Avatar, Farseer on jetbike, 2x10 Dire Avengers w/exarch, 2x 5 wraithguard and warlock in wave serpant, Vyper, 2 Wraithlords, 3 warwalkers.
IG and allies force- JO w/pp & 4pgs, 3x grenadier squads 7,7,6 Vsgt pp 2x pg, hvy weapons platoon 3ML, 3ML, 3LC all sharpshooters, JO pp, 2x pg, HB, Leman Russ, Sentinel w/LC X2, 2x GK power armor w/2 psy cannon, Grand master w/5 GKTs psycannon. Terms and one GK squad in reserve.

It became apparent that he wasn't going to come at me so I advanced with gren squads from cover to cover to cover while pelting at his visible targets. I killed by the end of turn 3 -Avatar, Wraithlord, 3 warwakers and my jumping GKs killed the 1st Dire Avenger squad.
They died to a wraithguard squad which dismounted, then returned to transport. I had lost to this point just 2 Gren squads and the GKs.

He waited until turn 6 to make a last ditch effort to control or contest the quarters by hoping my luck in shooting was bad. He figured that if the sepents were knocked down the troops inside could get out and still control or contest.
He advanced 24" with the wave serpents and the vyper. My last turn.
I first made my movement to cover the rear hatches of both serpents. I then fired the following 6MLs, 5LCs, 3psycannons, 4PGs, 2pp.
I immoblized and or destroyed both wave serpents along with occupants and blew off both vyper weapons. However since the vyper was still mobile he could only contest my quarter.
Since in alpha your own quarter doesn't count for you we ended up in a draw. His remaining force consisted of the farseer, Wraithlord, vyper with no weapons and 10 man dire avengers.
I lost LC gun, 2 squads of grenadiers plus 1 more, and the GK drop squad. My LR did nothing all game except at the last moment by firing it's LC. Should have had a Basilisk.

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