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Eldar Tactics

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Right kids, I'm not going to start off with a lengthy article which you can all pull apart right now so I'll let people start with their thoughts on the new Eldar and we can all work from there.
A few thoughts first though:

The new codex seems to be a big improvement on the old one in terms of balance. I haven't really seen any net.lists yet and the different schools of play for Eldar seem to be coming up with some equally powerful armies. I like the way that certain units have been boosted (Shining Spears spring to mind) to levels that at least make them worthy of consideration if not a place in top tier power lists (debatable).

I'm not a fan of the huge starcannon nerf, I hardly see any of them around which I'm pretty sure was not the intention. Similarly bright lances are now ludicrously expensive and again only seem to appear rarely, usually in lists which are light on long ranged anti-tank elsewhere.
So with these and other thoughts in mind what do you, the denizens of heresy online think are good ways to use the Eldar and the units and configs to do the job?
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Having played against them a few times but not actually using them Vibro cannons are damn good, auto glancing Is a real pain although escalation nerfs them slightly.
Personally I've enjoyed mixing In the DOOMseer along with Banshees, DA's (Bladestorm) and Pathfinders, works a treat If timed correctly! :D
I'm not the best Eldar player so I'll leave It at that, for now. :wink:
Page 30:
'The exarch and his squad may choose to add one to the number of shots they fire with their shuriken weapons that turn.'
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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