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Eldar or DaemonHunters?

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I wasn't sure whether to put this in here or Army Lists. Move if needed.

I have finished my Dark Angels Army (Still unpainted) and am wondering what army to do now.

It's a choice between Eldar and DaemonHunters.


I used to play them.... Know how to use them
Aspect warriors are good at what they do.
All round awesomeness

Models are a bit expensive
A bit weak (defence wise)
A bit confusing to use


Really really strong
I get them half price cause a former DH player stopped playing them.

High point costs => Low numbers

Which Should I do?

I have a couple of possible Army lists for both. I'll post them up in the army lists section and put links to them here. Maybe tomorrow.
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Well, although i like Eldar, for me they are to complcated and break easy. While i think even though the army is small, if they are well played daemonhunters can be extroadinary while also looking good. Personally i've always wanted to do a Iyaden eldar force with wraithguard etc, but theres a problem with the models being so expensive.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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