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I've never really made a kill team list before, but I just thought about it a little and thought about this one.

Warlock on Bike - Embolden
6 Guardians on Bikes - 2 Shunken Cannons

Total - 202pts

I know it is 2pts over, but it is just a shits and giggles list.

The whole point of the Killteam would be zoom around, shoot at the weak targets, stay out of line of sight and out of range of anything that is dangerous.

It is a pretty cheesy list as nothing would be able to catch them to attempt CC but oh well.

I'm never played a kill team game, but just would like to ask you experts how this would fair in the new 5th edition kill team rules?

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I know this thread is a few month old now but I am about to enter a kill team tournament with a similar army list (minus embolden to make it 197).

I was just wondering how it faired up?

I imagine the shurikan cannon Jetbikes were decent but what about the normal Jetbikes?

Did you suffer from not having enough units to compete?

any other issues or tips?

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